Thank goodness it’s Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday

While shares of MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD) continue their downward spiral, Diabetic Investor thought its best to end the week on a lighter note. Yes the wacky world of diabetes does provide for some lighter moments and here are just a few items that caught our attention.

Noodle consumption leads to diabetes

A recent study conducted by researchers at universities in South Korea, Boston and Dallas found that woman who consumed instant noodles twice a week or more were 68% more likely to develop glucose intolerance. By comparison, men that consumed instant noodles twice or more per week demonstrated a 7% lower risk of metabolic syndrome.

Although the researchers did not venture a guess as to why this is true, nor did could they explain the difference between the impact instant noodles had on woman compared to men, Diabetic Investor suspects this will come with a follow-up study. We’re hoping that in this follow-up study they will examine such pressing questions as to how Campbell chicken noodle soup impacts diabetes or whether or not Mom’s chicken noodle soup correlates to diabetes. We sure hope there is no correlation between what Mom does and diabetes as this would be devastating news to Moms everywhere.

This is nuts

In yet another study research suggests that nuts grown on trees can help reduce and stabilize blood sugar levels. Conducted by our neighbors to the north in that land where hockey is a national passion, Canadian researchers found daily intake of tree nuts led to improvements in both fasting blood glucose and HbA1c. Almost immediately after these results became public the good people at Planters began promoting the many health benefits of nut consumption.

Diabetic Investor is anxiously awaiting the follow-up study which should answer such pressing questions as to which nuts are the most effective. A study which we understand is underway and will be completed well before hockey season begins. According to a person familiar with the follow-up study; “As groundbreaking as this research is, we can’t let it interfere with the upcoming hockey season. As we believe the Chicago Blackhawks have a great shot at lifting the Stanley Cup this year.” Obviously these Canadians know there hockey, diabetes on the other hand is another story.

The Bees Knees

In a truly stunning discovery researchers at the much respected Joslin Diabetes Center have found that bees can be trained to detect diabetes. According to Joslin bees don’t have traditional noses, but through their antenna, they can smell 10 million times better than humans. Students who have collected bees, placed them in cartridges and trained them to detect a chemical called acetone, found in higher concentrations in the breath of people with diabetes.

“The long-term vision,” says Horstmann one of the students working on this project, “would be to have a device where not only bees are in there that can detect diabetes but also tuberculosis and cancer. So, with one blow of the patient, we could detect different diseases.”

Diabetic Investor has learned that teams from LifeScan, Roche, Abbott (NYSE:ABT) and Bayer are investigating the possibility of incorporating this new technology into an existing glucose monitor. While none of these companies would comment publicly, Diabetic Investor was told that given the BGM market is headed down the toilet the use of bees could turn things around. The main issue seems to be whether or not that besides detecting diabetes can the bees be trained to produce sugar-free honey. As one official told Diabetic Investor; “Listen with reimbursement for traditional test strips sinker faster than the Titanic, we might just be able to recoup our costs through the sale of sugar-free honey.”

Let them eat cake

According to sources inside Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) the company is desperately trying to figure out how to get out of the deal they just signed with MannKind. It seems the rank file is very upset that the company is about to blow a billion bucks. Although an equal number are hoping this deal pushes the company closer to realigning their entire diabetes unit, i.e. announce a voluntary severance package.

In the second group the general thought process is the company won’t make a dime from the deal. That the company will need to lower overall costs to cover the billion bucks they are about to blow. And what’s the fastest way to lower costs; yep lower head count.

Diabetic Investor has reached out to Sanofi to see just how far this revolt has gone, to whit a Sanofi official who would not go on record stated in true French fashion; “We could care less what the rank and file thinks; let them eat cake.”  And who said the French don’t know anything besides fine wine. Viva la Sanofi!

Have a great weekend everyone.