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David Kliff

David Kliff
Diabetic Investor Editor

Hello and thanks for visiting the Diabetic Investor web site. Now I’m just guessing that you have come here because you’re interested in what I like to call the wacky world of diabetes. That perhaps you Googled me or found one of many posts that has been republished by Forbes. Maybe you were referred to Diabetic Investor, that some very smart person said Diabetic Investor is THE source of information when it comes to business aspects of diabetes. Well without being overly modest they said that because it’s true.

For over 20 years now, since I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I have been writing about this wacky world.
Now maybe you’re asking yourself why should I spend $800+ to become a subscriber, or perhaps your looking at one of our multiple license options. Maybe your thinking will I learn anything, will I get a return on my investment. Absolutely you will!!! And not just because I say so. If you haven’t done so already go ahead and do the Google thing, check out what I have written, see for yourself why my list of subscribers includes some of the biggest, most respected names in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, technology companies, venture capital firms, private equity firms and Wall Street analysts.

Your subscription to Diabetic Investor provides you with unlimited access to Diabetic Investor, regular E-Alerts on breaking news and access to the complete Diabetic Investor Archives. This searchable archives includes EVERYTHING I have written including the issues from way back in the day when Diabetic Investor was a print, yes printed publication. Now if that doesn’t tell you how long I’ve been doing this I don’t know what will.

Written in an easy to understand format, Diabetic Investor provides you with a unique perspective that only a person with diabetes can. My insight and spot on analysis has lead me to be a frequent guest on CNBC, as well as being featured in many respected media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Money Magazine, Los Angeles Times and Forbes.

Still not convinced? Give me a call or contact me.

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