Is there any way to see previous items written by Diabetic Investor?

Yes, our policy at Diabetic Investor is to password protect posts for 90 days. Posts that are 90 days old or older are open to the public. To view publicly available posts visit the archives section of the site which is located on the right hand panel of this page.


Does David Kliff or his immediate family own shares in any of the companies covered in Diabetic Investor?

NO. From day one, Diabetic Investor made the decision that subscribers come first. Therefore, it’s imperative that subscribers know upfront that Diabetic Investor does not have a vested interest in any of the companies we cover. Our goal is to provide accurate, timely and unbiased information.


Why are there no ads anywhere on the Diabetic Investor web site?

From the beginning, Diabetic Investor’s desire was to provide unbiased and uninfluenced information. By not accepting advertising of any kind, Diabetic Investor has cut off a source of revenue, but we felt it was more important that subscribers have confidence that the information they are receiving is FREE from any outside influences.


Does Diabetic Investor sell any subscriber information?

No Way! Diabetic Investor takes subscriber privacy seriously. We do not want our many loyal subscribers receiving spam, junk email or any other form of unsolicited request from a third party.


Does David Kliff fully disclose the consulting relationships he has?

Absolutely, if David or anyone associated with Diabetic Investor has performed or is under contract for any consulting assignment, this relationship will be disclosed when Diabetic Investor writes about the company.


Why doesn’t Diabetic Investor offer a FREE trial subscription?

While we certainly can understand such a request, Diabetic Investor has achieved an excellent reputation for providing fair and unbiased information. We believe it would be a disservice to our many loyal subscribers to provide this valuable information, which they pay for, free to others.


Who subscribes to Diabetic Investor?

The Diabetic Investor subscriber base consists primarily of investment professionals, hedge funds, venture capital firms, analysts, mutual funds, and pension funds, professionals in the diabetes industry and individual investors.


What happens if I am unhappy with Diabetic Investor?

While we hope this is not the case and based on the loyalty of our subscribers we do not anticipate this to happen, if you’re unhappy we want to hear from you. Every subscriber has a right to offer constructive criticism, comments, suggestions and YES even complaints. Contact David to start a conversation.


Can a subscription be split between more than one person?

No. However, Diabetic Investor does offer subscription options that allow for multiple subscribers – A Team Subscription allows for 5 users, a Corporate Subscription for 15 users and Complete Site License for an unlimited number of subscribers. See the options here.

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