You have questions, we have answers

You have questions, we have answers

Momma Kliff used to say never over promise and be prepared to stand by the claims you make. So in keeping with what Mom taught here are some answers to questions we have received about our upcoming  Special Report.

1. How is this report different from the many “syndicated” reports available?

First we are not examining just one aspect of the diabetes market, i.e. CGM, insulin pumps, drugs etc. We are taking a holistic all-encompassing view examining every aspect that impacts the diabetes market. While we will examine each sector of the market individually our goal is to show how these markets are connected. Most of the syndicated reports we have read focus too much on the numbers i.e. projected sales, market share, etc. This report will go well beyond the numbers explaining not only what will happen but why it will happen.

2. What’s the methodology behind the report?

Simple to tell the truth which happens to be in short supply these days. As everyone should know by now we aren’t afraid to speak our mind. This report isn’t designed to win friends it’s designed to provide a REAL outlook not some pie in the sky esoteric outlook sugar coated so everyone is having a kumbaya moment.

3. Are we collaborating with anyone?

NO – yes we have the greatest most reliable sources in the industry, this happens after doing this for over 20 years. However we aren’t working with any organization, investment firm, etc. This report is pure Diabetic Investor.

4. Do you have an outline or table of contents that can be shared?

Wish we did but given the comprehensive nature of the report we have yet to put that together. What we can share is that we leave no stone unturned looking not just at the typical areas but going well beyond the typical examining factors such as the role social media plays, how digital health will evolve and provide perspectives from patients as they after all live with diabetes. The diabetes market CANNOT be looked at just in terms of sales or market share numbers.

5. Will you pick winners and losers?

Absolutely again as everyone should know by now we aren’t afraid to let it rip. As Momma Kliff said if you want a friend get a dog. Like everything else in our wacky world this report too at the end is about money- who will make it – who won’t and why.

6. When will the report be published and how long will it be?

Our goal is to publish early in the first quarter of 2021 as we want to include the impact of the upcoming election. Have no idea how long it will be while we won’t waste words this report is comprehensive so expect something on the longer side, sorry we can’t be more specific.

7. How will the report be delivered?

Once published it will be sent to those smart enough to have purchased the report in a PDF format. We are currently working on the security procedures to ensure reports purchased does not fall into the wrong hands. This report is just too valuable to take any chances.

8. Are you offering any discounts?

Yes orders received and paid for before the end of October receive a 25% DISCOUNT.

9. Ok how do we place an order?

Just email us at with the subject line Special Report and we’ll get you an invoice.