Yep it’s a conspiracy

Yep it’s a conspiracy

As shares of MannKind (NASDAQ: MNKD) slowly sink into the abyss, Afrezza supporters have come up with a new explanation as to why the drug has not been commercially successful. Now please be sitting down when you read this as it is a stunner. Ok the real reason Afrezza is not commercially successful is …. wait for it … a conspiracy. Yep, Afrezza is not failing for the many reasons we have outlined numerous times but because it’s a conspiracy.

It seems there are people who believe that somehow the system is rigged, that Afrezza works so well that patients will spend less money on doctor visits. That the drug companies don’t want patients using this wonder drug because they will make less money. Now as much as we wish we were making this stuff up we aren’t. The center of each conspiracy theory is that it comes down to money and Afrezza is so good it will cost powerful interests money. Powerful interests who are working behind the scenes, conspiring together to make sure Afrezza fails.

Now you can understand the reason we advised that you be sitting down while reading this. Listen we’ve heard some whoppers in our day but this one takes the cake and it’s not even close.

This is like people believing that the reason the Cubs had not made it to a World Series since 1945 had to do with the curse of the goat. Or others who to this day believe we never put a man on the moon, that it was all a shame. Or still others who believe that aliens have landed in New Mexico and the government is secretly hiding them in Area 51. Listen all this crazy stuff might make for a good movie, we did love Independence Day, but seriously.

To be perfectly honest we aren’t all that shocked that some people feel this way. Let’s be honest when Donald Trump can be the Republican nominee for President and then openly state that he would contest the election results unless he won, a truly stupid and dangerous statement that has been condemned by anyone with a working brain, anything is possible.

We have little sympathy for Afrezza supporters, we feel for them but have no sympathy. All along we have never questioned whether the drug worked, Afrezza clearly works. But as much as these people hate this diabetes is a business and it was for business reasons it is failing. This isn’t a conspiracy it’s out and out stupidity. Heck if these people want someone to blame why not start with the company itself or their partner in crime Sanofi (NYSE: SNY).

Although we have not researched this we have this feeling these are the same people who believe the high out of pocket cost of insulin is the fault of insulin companies. They likely believe that it’s not possible for the Chicago Cubs, a team which has not won a World Series since Teddy Roosevelt was President, would be playing the Cleveland Indians a team that hasn’t won the series since Harry Truman was President. Well believe it as next year is here – Cubbies in 6.