Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

As we all know tomorrow is Mother’s Day and we can’t let a Mother’s Day go by without getting some words of wisdom from the greatest mom of all Momma Kliff. As mom used to say there are Mother’s and then there are mothers. Yet when it comes to our wacky world Mom was well before her time. She may not have lived to see all the way cool whiz bang toys in the toy chest. Nor did she witness the drug side of the world transform from innovation to commodization. But she acutely understood that no toy or drug works very well if its not used as designed.

There are times we believe that Mom would be both proud yet disappointed with our wacky world. Proud that we do now have some the best tools and drugs to help patients better manage their diabetes. Yet disappointed that far too many in this wacky world still don’t understand one fundamental truth it’s the patient that matters.

Sometimes we think mom and late Al Mann are sitting together shacking their heads at some of the idiocy that goes on in our world. They have seen billions spent on toys for the toy chest and drugs for the medicine cabinet yet still after all this money has been spent two thirds of patients are not under good control. A fact that hasn’t changed since Mom was here and Al was building MiniMed.

They see that industry hasn’t learned that rather than try something new, rather than do something different far too often it’s an old idea in a shiny new box. They sit with Albert Einstein who was famous for saying that the definition of idiocy is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results.

In a few weeks our wacky world will gather in that beautiful city by the bay, who also has one hell of a basketball team, for our annual confab. There will be lots of toys to play with, lots of data to ponder and certainly a surprise or two. But what there won’t be is anything that’s innovative or truly revolutionary, something that could actually change that dismal fact of two thirds of patients not being under good control.

But let’s not worry about that today and lets pay tribute to all the Mom’s, those who are with us today and those who have passed on. Let’s honor these ladies for their love, support and honesty. Happy Mother’s Day to Mom’s everywhere.