With friends like this no need for enemies

With friends like this no need for enemies

Back in the day readers of Diabetic Investor might recall that as the way cool now way dead iBGStar was going through the regulatory process the FDA was concerned that patients with diabetes could transfer serious diseases by leaving blood on the iPhone or by sharing lancets. This same issue has come up with the Pogo the all-in-one device from Intuity Medical which we believe is still going through the regulatory process. At the time we noted that unlike heroin addicts patients with diabetes rarely, if ever, share needles or lancets. And while it was possible that they could leave excess blood on a device the chances of someone coming along with an open wound picking up that device and being infected by this blood was something like one in a trillion.

Well it seems the FDA is at it again only this time its insulin pen users that are coming under fire. Yesterday the FDA issued the following warning for user of insulin pens:

“In an effort to reduce the serious risk of infection spread through sharing of multi-dose diabetes pen devices intended for single patient use only, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requiring additional label warnings prohibiting sharing of these injectable medicines. Insulin pens and pens for other injectable diabetes medicines should never be shared among patients, even if the needle is changed. Sharing pens can result in the spread of serious infections from one patient to another. To promote safe use, we are requiring that pens and packaging containing multiple doses of insulin and other injectable diabetes medicines display a warning label stating “For single patient use only.”

Now we’re not sure when the FDA started to believe that patients with diabetes and heroin addicts both share infected needles but we’d sure like to know how many cases have been reported. Has there been a rash, excuse the expression, of reports of patients with diabetes sharing their insulin pens with other patients who develop infections. Is the Center of Disease Control (CDC) overwhelmed? Has President Obama been on national TV concerned over this issue? Is the American Diabetes Association (ADA), JDRF or any other diabetes organization up in arms over this issue?

There was time, however briefly that we thought maybe just maybe the FDA was starting to reform their crazy ways. That they realized this is the 21st Century and rotary telephones connected to a land line are being replaced by smartphones. That people now can skip commercials when they DVR their favorite shows or better yet watch shows on Netflix that don’t have commercials.

Seriously what prompted this backwards agency to put so much attention into an issue that perhaps happens about as often as the Chicago Cubs win World Series Championships? Heck even those lovable losers from the north side of town have reformed their ways and should have a pretty good team this year. Yet the FDA that agency that desperately needs reform continues to focus on issues that will do little to protect anyone and only increase costs. Oh we almost forget now that the FDA has issued this warning look for class action attorneys to jump all over this. Yes if there is one thing the FDA is very good at its keeping class action attorneys employed and we all know how important that is.

Honestly we wish we were making this up but as Momma Kliff used to say; “real life is stranger than fiction”.