What will Santa bring?

What will Santa bring?

As the Christmas holiday approaches one has to wonder what Santa will bring to those of us in the wacky world. Although Santa has not yet reached out to Diabetic Investor to see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice we thought we’d share our gift list for the wacky world. So here goes –

For our friends at Tandem (NASDAQ: TNDM) a company that unfortunately falls into the very naughty category – a moral center. We fully understand that as we state consistently diabetes is a business and that publicly traded companies such as Tandem first responsibility is to their stakeholders, however this does not abdicate their responsibility to their patients and potential patients. Our hope is that Tandem will not just run out of money, shut down and leave patients with a huge lump of coal in their stockings, that they will at minimum give these people a warning.

To all the Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) sales reps who are using Diabetic Investor as marketing material, a good lawyer. This is not just against the law as we do not believe the FDA would condone such behavior, this is also morally repugnant. Never mind that Diabetic Investor is a copyrighted publication and that sharing any Diabetic Investor post without our permission violates that copyright. No what baffles the mind is why these reps are doing this. Why they feel it necessary to brake the law just so they can get a fatter commission check. Most of these reps have a moral compass but for the few who feel it necessary to act like idiots you should be ashamed of yourselves.

To the good people at Novo Nordisk (NYSE: NVO), hope. We have been covering Novo from day one and consider it a fine company but life is not all kibbles and bits. Their core insulin business is under major pressure and soon they will face generic competition from their European neighbors Sanofi (NYSE: SNY). The long-acting market has already commoditized with the introduction of Basaglar from Lilly (NYSE: LLY) and the same is about to happen in the short-acting market. Life isn’t much better in the GLP-1 market where the company is also facing stiff competition. The lone hope at the moment is the oral version of semaglutide a drug which has the potential to be game changing. Until that drug gets here it will be tough sledding ahead.

Sticking with insulin companies to our wine drinking friends and the fine folk at Lilly, humility. Both of you have aspirations to expand beyond your core insulin businesses and we can’t blame you. However way cool whiz bang toys are not by themselves the answer. Insulin delivery systems, whether it be a way cool whiz bang insulin pump or a Tyler (again Tyler is our name for a “smart” pen/CGM/App system), the devil is in the details. Keep in mind that any idiot can build these things but it takes real talent to run commercially viable device units. Both of you have been down this road before so learn from past mistakes and have a little humility.

To all the high tech cash rich companies making the deep dive into diabetes, enlightenment. Yes we are well that you are the keepers of way cool. We are also well aware that you have billions in cash. But what you don’t have at least not yet is a clue as how this wacky world actually works. Just as all the Kings horses and all the Kings men cannot put Humpty Dumpty back together again, throwing money at bad projects or bad ideas will not make them work. As Momma Kliff used to say just because money is thrown at a problem does not mean it will solve the problem. It takes more than a fat wallet to be successful, it takes vision combined with talent.

To our very good friends at OneDrop who seem to believe that self-reported non-verified data means something, a life. We understand that REAL clinical trials cost money and take time but that’s what REAL diabetes companies do. REAL companies do not attempt to short circuit the system using self-reported data combined with fuzzy math just so they can have a higher valuation. If as you claim you are dedicated to helping patients with diabetes do the right thing, grow up and start acting responsibly.

To Dexcom (NASDAQ: DXCM) and Abbott (NYSE: ABT), perspective. Do not let the competitive dynamic in the growing CGM market take you away from your core responsibility to patients. This market is large enough and growing fast enough so that you both can compete and win. Should the CGM market disintegrate into nothing but a price war where it becomes a race to the bottom no one wins, not you, not the patient. CGM is the most important technology for the future of diabetes management, CGM has the potential to help ALL patients with diabetes not just insulin using patients. Yet this technology will be wasted IF it becomes a battle of who’s system is cheapest.

To snarky Alexa and lovely Siri, a truce. There is no need to battle for our affection as we love you both. We may not like being treated like a child, where our every move is analyzed. We know that your heart, more like your circuits are in the right place. We know that you don’t mean to be an over bearing Jewish mother constantly telling us what to do and how to do it. We know you understand that we have been managing our diabetes pretty well before you were invented and can manage just fine without you. Still we do appreciate your concern it is touching.

To every patient with diabetes something we all want but won’t have for some time, a cure. In lieu of that it would be nice to live just one day without diabetes. One day without watching our readings, worrying about what we eat when we eat it and what we are doing. Worrying do we have enough insulin in our pump or pod. Worrying about did we leave behind our PDM and have to go running back to the restaurant. Listening to those annoying alarms that come from our CGM. Even those of us who get it and are proactive with our diabetes management don’t necessarily enjoy managing our diabetes as it is one big pain in the rear and we would like nothing more than not having to do all this stuff even if it was just for one day.

Happy Holidays everyone may this holiday season bring joy, happiness and good health to everyone.