Where’s the love?

Where’s the love?

Tomorrow being Valentine’s Day a uniquely Hallmark holiday we thought it would be a good idea to extend some love to those companies in our wacky world who could use a hug. No company needs a hug more than our friends in Paris who recently became the latest pharma company to appoint a Chief Digital Officer. As we all know when it comes to diabetes life has not been blissful for Sanofi.

After years of making gobs of money from Lantus the company has fallen on hard times. What was once a beautiful swan has now become an ugly duckling. Unfortunately for the company there is no prince on the horizon who will come along with a glass slipper. We’d like to offer some hope but alias all we can do is offer a big hug and wish them the best as they continue their path to being irrelevant.

Another group of companies who could use a hug are all the CGM wannabes. While Dexcom and Abbott are feeling the love from patients and physicians, these wannabes continue to fall further behind. What no one seems to care about is that even if they can get a system through the FDA will they be able to market the damn thing. Other than price what can they do to differentiate their system from the Libre or G6. So, let’s show them all a little love for trying, as Momma Kliff used to say it may be a futile quest, but heck let’s give them credit for trying.

The same can said for the insulin pump wannabes who have the exact same problem as all the CGM wannabes.

Speaking of the insulin pump world the evil empire could use a little love as well. But then again, it’s hard to feel sorry for any company that created the mess they are now in. It would be one thing if these problems were the result of some external force but our friends in Northridge have done a damn good job of screwing up what was a great business. As Mom used to say never feel bad for anyone who has gone out of their way to turn gold into sand, these people deserve exactly what they are getting.

The people who really need some lovin are the millions of patients who must deal with their diabetes day after day. Yet in another example of overzealous political correctness members of the West Coast Mafia along with the organizations that are supposed to represent the interest of patients are about to leave the reservation once again. It seems that these people think it’s wrong to say that patients with diabetes should control their diabetes. That’s it’s more sensitive and empathic to say patients with diabetes should manage their diabetes.

These are the same people who said we can no longer use the phrase therapy compliant rather the correct PC term is therapy adherent.

Seriously all this PCness is making us puke. We hate to be blunt here but with more almost two thirds of patients not achieving good CONTROL, why the hell are these people wasting time worrying about calling it managing diabetes or controlling diabetes. Does a patient really care if they are told they are not being adherent or compliant with their therapy regimen? Folks we have some serious problems in this wacky world but the terms we use ARE NOT among them.

People with diabetes are not handicapped they are not disabled they are NOT victims. They have a chronic disease state that is manageable that can be controlled SHOULD THEY CHOOSE TO DO SO. Yet these idiots are worried about being politically correct that patients should be coddled when they should be treated with respect.

Billions have spent on way cool whiz bang devices and drugs yet still ALMOST TWO THIRDS OF PATIENTS ARE NOT UNDER GOOD CONTROL. WHERE IS THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT?

To us this PC crap is just another example of how clueless these people are. This PCness isn’t being empathic it’s condescending and disingenuous. Diabetes is a MAJOR problem and patients need all the love they can get. What they don’t need is more bullshit which is exactly what all this PCness is.