Where is the outrage?

Where is the outrage?

Up until today Diabetic Investor must admit that we had no idea who Paula Deen was and what the big deal was because she had type 2 diabetes. Given that nearly 90% of the 28 million people who have diabetes, have type 2 diabetes this news didn’t seem like a big deal. And while Diabetic Investor may not have been aware that Ms. Deen is a celebrity, Ms. Deen joins a long list of celebrities who have diabetes; again nothing all that special here.

What really got Diabetic Investor going was the fact that Ms. Deen knew of her diabetes for several years and only when she signed a business deal with Novo Nordisk (NYSE:NVO) did she decide it was time to make the big announcement. Now Diabetic Investor does not necessarily have an issue with any celebrity using their status, fame and fact they diabetes to their advantage. Larry King, Halle Barry, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Clark and the Jonas Brothers are among the celebrities who have profited from the fact that they have diabetes. Yet Diabetic Investor does not believe any of these celebrities, even Ms. Barry, ever hide the fact they had diabetes.

According to a wide variety of media reports Ms. Deen hide the fact that she had diabetes for nearly three years and then sold herself to Novo, who without any shame or conscious are exploiting Ms. Deen to sell more insulin and Victoza. Ms. Deen is also exploiting her diabetes beyond the Novo deal and apparently has no scruples nor does she really give a damn about the millions of people with diabetes as long as her wallet continues to expand.

As far as Diabetic Investor can tell only Anthony Bourdain, the host of No Reservations on the Travel Channel, has spoken out on the subject, sort of. According to an article posted by the Huffington Post; “He told TV Guide she was “the worst, most dangerous person to America.”

Strangely silent has been the diabetes blogging community. Once this news became public, Diabetic Investor visited the more popular diabetes blogs and not even a mention of Ms. Deen and what she has done. No commentary, no rants, no nothing – just silence.  Yet this is not the first time Diabetic Investor has noticed a change in how the diabetes blogging community has been operating. It seems that as these blogs have become more popular and garnered more advertisers, the more they want to avoid any possible controversy or put another way they don’t want to risk losing those valuable ad dollars.

Now on balance Diabetic Investor is a huge fan of these blogs as they provide patients with an excellent resource for diabetes information. They also allow patients to exchange valuable information and help each other. Yet the last thing we need in the diabetes community is a group of diabetes cheerleaders who have sold their souls to industry for the sake of advertising revenues. There is already enough of that and the honest truth is not everything that industry comes up with can be a good thing.

As we have just seen with the most recent warning letter issued by the FDA to Animas, industry has made their share of mistakes and should be held accountable by everyone in the diabetes community. Frankly there are too many people in the diabetes community who are trying to place nice when they should be playing hardball with a heavy bat. Millions of patients are needlessly suffering because the FDA has strayed from their stated mission.  The devices patients use must get better and become more reliable. Simply put, patients and the physicians who treat them need more and better weapons to fight diabetes and these weapons won’t become available by sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring what’s going on in plain sight.

Where is the outrage?