When will they learn?

When will they learn?

At some point companies in this wacky world might just get with the program. That they would wake up to the fact, yep more pesky facts, that when it comes to diabetes devices it has become a commodity market. That no matter how way cool or whiz bang the device is its just part of diabetes management system. We mention this because our wine drinking friends in France have partnered with our friends at Joslin to conduct a clinical trial using the GoCap from Common Sensing. Yes, the GoCap is another way cool whiz bang interconnected device used with insulin pens.

According to story on the mobihealthnews web site;

“The study of 125 subjects will be conducted by Joslin and funded by Sanofi. Patients will be given a Gocap from Common Sensing, a cap that fits on to a disposable insulin pen and can detect data on when the injector is used and how much insulin is left in it. They will also have a Dexcom CGM.

“In the Joslin study, [our device is] being given out with a CGM,” James White, president and cofounder of Common Sensing, told MobiHealthNews. “So you’ll be able to see someone injecting a dose and, for every minute after that, see how their glucose changes, measured by that CGM. No one’s ever seen that before for disposables, so we’re really excited.”

GoGap is not the only company with a whiz bang way cool interconnected “smart” insulin pen, far from it. Companion Medical has a deal with Lilly (NYSE: LLY) ,then there is Timsulin® and insulchek and then there is … well you get the point. And guess what all these way cool whiz bang interconnected “smart” pens pretty much do the same thing the same way, imagine that.

Now Sanofi can study the GoCap from now until next year and it won’t matter what the results are, it’s not the GoCap or any of these devices that produce better patient outcomes. It’s the system these pens are connected with that matters and ultimately its up the patient to use these systems as intended. And guess what, the systems connected with these way cool devices are also … wait for it … pretty much the same.

Listen we hate to burst everyone’s bubble here but there are only so many ways to skin a cat or manage diabetes. That once the data is entered into all these way cool whiz bang apps it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what to do next. It also doesn’t take advanced degree to figure out the one critical piece of data cannot be gathered electronically, at least not yet. Besides current glucose data, insulin on board, time to action and duration of action to dose insulin effectively the system needs to know not just when the patient is eating and what they are eating.

But let’s take this a step further, a step most companies don’t take, and remember these systems are being used by humans and not robots. And guess what, humans unlike robots make mistakes. Humans unlike robots may not pay attention to the advice coming from their way cool whiz bang app. Humans unlike robots might just get a little sick and tired of the constant reminders that they have diabetes and it must be managed. Humans, at least most humans, want to live their lives with their diabetes and not for their diabetes. Simply put they want a life.

So we’ll wish our wine drinking friends luck but all the luck in the world won’t change a damn thing. This isn’t and never will be about way cool whiz bang interconnected devices. This isn’t even about the system all these way cool whiz bang devices are connected too. This is about the patient, understanding that the majority of patients want diabetes management to part of their lives not to run their already complex lives.

The simple fact is, and yes we know these pesky facts keep getting in the way, the majority of companies just don’t get it. They have become fascinated with all this way cool whiz bang interconnected technology and have forgotten there is a patient who is supposed to use all this frickin technology, a real human. We’d say they need to be hit over the head with a baseball bat but seriously this wouldn’t help much for as Momma Kliff liked to say; “The best thing about ignorance and stupidity combined with hubris is you become oblivious to the facts and quite frankly don’t care.”