What we’d like to see

What we’d like to see

As we set to head cross country for that beautiful city by the Bay which is suffering somewhat with the Warriors now down 2-1 to those pesky Raptors from the north. Here are some things we hope to see besides the Golden Gate;

1. The Livongo S-1 – yes, we know this has nothing whatsoever to do with the conference, but we are dying to see this for no other reason than we want to know how many millions the company is losing. Which of course means their IPO will be a huge success, go figure.

2. The number of times TIR – Time in Range – is mentioned – yep TIR is the hottest metric in diabetes these days too bad only the most engaged patients even know what TIR is and why it’s important.

3. What the Abbott reps will say when asked about the Libre 2.0 and why the FDA hasn’t approved it yet. Could it be the FDA isn’t going to give the Libre 2.0 the iCGM designation?

4. How many Dexcom wannabes are in attendance and how many times we hear the phrase; “We’re just as good as Dexcom only cheaper.”

5. Who’s minding the Medtronic booth as there has been so many departures from the company will any of these people even know what the 670G is?

6. Tyler Tyler everywhere a Tyler – it’s no longer a question of if Tyler will arrive but how many there will be.

7. The reaction of anyone from diaTribe when they see me and I’m actually polite. Momma Kliff always said it is not necessary to shy away from anyone just because you disagree with their point of view. It also helps when you bring a gun to a knife fight.

8. This conference being in San Francisco therefore the West Coast Mafia will be out in full force making sure every presenter uses the proper language. Besides being a beautiful city San Francisco is also the home of political correctness.

9. Again and this has nothing to do with the conference but already we are seeing attendees from our neighbors to north bragging about the Raptors something that could get completely out of hand if they win again on Friday night. As good as he is Steph Curry can’t do it all by himself, but we digress.

10. The cage match between Diabetic Investor and the Medtronic, Sanofi, diaTribe tag team. This may seem like an unfair fight 3 against one but we have truth, justice and the American way on our side and they only have hubris and arrogance. Take Diabetic Investor and the points.