What we won’t miss

What we won’t miss

As we move into June this would have been the month the diabetes world gathered in Chicago for our annual confab. Thanks to COVID and now protests, riots Chicago is off limits and ADA is going virtual. While there will be many things we are going to miss there are some things we’re delighted we’ll be missing.

1. We’re just as good as Dexcom only cheaper. CGM continues to be hotter than the fires burning on State Street, so we’re glad we won’t be sitting down with all the Dexcom wannabes who insist they are as good as Dexcom only cheaper. A word of advice to all these wannabes come up with a new pitch line as that one is getting very old.

2. Can you believe what’s going on with Livongo? No we can’t believe it and are grateful we don’t have to explain in person all the reasons why we don’t believe it. Frankly we are getting a little tired of writing about Livongo.

3. Where is Libre 2? Since Abbott hasn’t a clue and has gone radio silent on the subject were grateful we don’t have to pontificate as to what the hell is taking so long to get FDA approval. Listen we like pontificating as much as the next guy, maybe more, but this subject is also getting very old. Folks it will happen when it happens assuming of course it does happen.

4. Is Medtronic really going to get out of diabetes? All signs point in that direction, but this is Medtronic we’re talking about here, the same people who said their stand-alone CGM would become a multi-billion-dollar franchise and instead has turned into multi-million-dollar disaster. Simply put Medtronic management often loses touch with reality and while selling the diabetes franchise makes sense it would also be tantamount to admitting a mistake something else the company doesn’t do.

5. Can you believe all the OmniPod wannabes and all the connected pens? Yes we can and as far as the OmniPod wannabes are concerned we’d really wish they would have a REAL product not just a very nice-looking prototype. As far as all the connected pens please do us a favor and do something only Companion has done, bring a REAL product to market.

6. What about Big Mouth, excuse me BigFoot aren’t they at the FDA? Well they say they are submitting to the FDA later this month but remember this is Big Mouth we’re talking about a company best known for over-promising and failing to deliver. Anyone who believes anything this company says likely also believes the earth is flat.

7. Isn’t great that finally at long last insulin is now affordable? Yes it’s wonderful now let’s see if these patients who can now afford insulin use it correctly and outcomes improve. We hope so but we aren’t holding our breath waiting for this to happen.

8. Is the Control IQ really as good as it looks? Absolutely and yes future updates will be even better THIS IS THE COOLEST TOY IN THE TOY CHEST AND IS NOW THE STANDARD FOR HYBRID CLOSED LOOP INSULIN DELIVERY SYSTEMS.

9. Are the Cubs in town? Well first off there is no baseball and while Wrigley is cute and all the REAL baseball team in this city is the Chicago White Sox.