What the heck one more for grins and giggles

What the heck one more for grins and giggles

Yes we know its Friday and everyone is anxious to get to the weekend but with all that’s going on in this wacky world Diabetic Investor has decided to extend the deadline for Wacky Award nominations. It doesn’t seem fair to close nominations when you have such worthy candidates with CellNovo, Ken, Gomer and Brandicourt ripe for the picking. To get the ball rolling consider the following new categories:

Most outrageous statement made during the year which really should be called the Chutzpah Award. Now some may assume that CellNovo is the leader here based on their statement that they can reach 45,000 units by 2020. But let’s not forgot other outrageous statements such as the one made by Gomer that shares of MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD) could hit $28 per share. We’re sure there are others but these two for sure deserve to be nominated. Or how about the JDRF stating that a true artificial pancreas will be on the market in 4 years. A great nomination when one considers this statement was made well over 5 years ago.

Next how about a category that illustrates one of our favorite saying that company can steal more money with a good PowerPoint presentation than they could with a gun. Here there are an abundance of possibilities – non-invasive glucose monitoring – conventional or continuous quickly comes to mind. A close second are all these insulin pump IPO’s or secondary offerings. And this category would not be complete without including the MannKind Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) partnership or the recent funding of yet another inhaled insulin company Dance Pharma.

We could just hand the worst launch ever of a new drug to Sanofi but that would be too easy. What about GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) who we think has a once-weekly GLP-1 on the market although no one would know this given the excellent launch. Sanofi could actually have two nominations here with Toujeo set to hit the market soon.

Diabetic Investor would just love to give a special Wacky to the investment bank handling the sale of Bayer’s glucose monitoring unit, a sale which has yet to materialize in spite of rumors that Panasonic/KKR has won the bidding. Actually we should rephrase that as we’re not sure we would classify this as a victory. Still if this deal can be pulled off and should Bayer get anywhere near the rumored sale price the investment bank not only deserves a special Wacky Diabetic Investor will throw in a bottle of Cristal champagne.

Please don’t hesitate to send in nominations or new categories. We’d like to say these past few weeks have been overly wacky but the fact is this is the new norm. Have a great weekend everyone.