What happens if they …..

What happens if they …..

Reports continue to come from France that Olivier Brandicourt, head of Bayer healthcare business, will become the new chief executive for that soap opera known as Sanofi (NYSE:SNY). This latest report coming yesterday from the French newspaper le Figaro. Almost every report on this subject whether it be from Bloomberg and now le Figaro states that this occur sometime this week which basically means it should happen tomorrow. Yet Diabetic Investor has the feeling Sanofi just might do what they do best and procrastinate themselves out of a new CEO.

Honestly if Brandicourt is the guy as everyone says what’s taking so damn long to get him the fold. Is Brandicourt having second thoughts?  Is there some sort of issue with Bayer letting him go? Has another more attractive candidate emerged? Has Pascal Soriot thrown his hat back in this three ring circus? Or maybe this will be a gift from heaven and our buddy Serge will actually take the job.

Still Diabetic Investor can’t help but think something isn’t right here, that somehow Sanofi will screw this up. Heck it’s Thursday already and not a peep from Sanofi, Bayer, Brandicourt or amazingly Serge a person who rarely misses an opportunity to open his mouth, usually to insert his foot. Could it be not all is well with our wine drinking friends, have they run out of chardonnay, has their selection of red wines turned into vinegar, what?

Frankly we’re not a hurry to see Serge go and we’re looking forward to meeting him when he comes to accept his Wacky Award. Oops we shouldn’t have let that slip as not all the nominations are in and the voting isn’t over. Let’s just say Serge is the overwhelming favorite, Vegas pegs it at 1-5, to win the Wacky for best CEO. By the way it somehow makes Diabetic Investor feel good that Vegas is taking action on the Wacky’s, but we digress.

So let’s stay tuned as tomorrow is Friday and the traditional end of the work week, even in France were it seems the work week is down to three days. Let’s see if Sanofi has actually found their man or in traditional Sanofi fashion can’t get a deal done.