What happens if no one comes to the party?

What happens if no one comes to the party?

Perhaps there is no worse feeling than sending out all the invitations making all the arrangements and then having no one show up at the party. Diabetic Investor felt this way when we viewed the recently launched web site for Afrezza, www.afrezza.com. Given all the hoopla surrounding this product one just might think that our wine drinking friends at Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) would have been a bit more creative. Yes we know there are rules and regulations that must be followed but one just might think that whoever created this plain vanilla site could have at minimum shown a video of how this device works.

Listen we understand that most marketing folk would like to do more but then the lawyers get involved and well…….

Still this is INHALED insulin patients WON’T have to inject anymore – ISN’T THAT THE MAJOR SELLING PROPOSITION HERE. Isn’t this the message that every Afrezza supporter has been screaming from the rooftops since the day the product was approved. Is this fact not cited by every MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD) investor, especially by those who want to cover their cost basis in the stock, who will get out once they do and leave those they lead into this stock behind to suffer the carnage when the stock collapses.

Now Diabetic Investor doesn’t want to brag or anything but one thing that is on the site is the offer we reported on long ago, first prescription free and refills no more than $30. We bring this up not really to brag rather to note who has better information on Sanofi or MannKind, Diabetic Investor or Ken and Gomer- put another way WE GOT GAME BRO.

We would also recommend checking out the BOXED warning that came with the FDA approval, something commonly overlooked by Afrezza supporters but another reason why the drug will have difficult time in the marketplace. A warning which is featured prominently at the very top of the web page, now we’re not sure if this is what the FDA wanted or if the geniuses at Sanofi thought it’s a good idea to stress a problem with the drug they just launched.

Listen Afrezza needs all the help it can get to even have a chance at being successful and the drug is getting the exact opposite. Sanofi accepted a trier 3 formulary position basically forcing them into the free first prescription and $30 refill offer. Honestly when was the last time anyone witnessed co-pay cards used for a brand new drug which is supposed to be innovative.

Frankly Diabetic Investor can’t wait for Friday when Sanofi reports fourth quarter and full year results. We can’t wait to hear our favorite quote machine Serge Weinberg explain how Afrezza will be a major success. We just hope analysts don’t serve up their typical soft questions during Q&A and they continue to press the company on why they feel so confident that Afrezza will be a hit. Given all the issues facing Sanofi Diabetic Investor suspects this won’t be a typical Q&A sessions, the sharks smell blood in the water. So stay tuned this could be fun.