What day is it?

What day is it?

This morning we woke up and had to check our calendar to make it sure it wasn’t April Fool’s Day. The reason for this double take a new study that … wait for it … looked at the association between A1C and … wait for it … bloggers. And no we are not kidding. Per a post on the AJMC website;

“A recent study that looked at this question found there is an association between reading blogs and improved glycated hemoglobin (A1C) levels among those with T1D, especially for those who also use continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).”

Now never mind that the study used …wait for it … self-reported data or that there already is a well-known correlation between improved A1c and CGM usage. Nope none of that really matters for the dedicated researchers at Penn State College which should not be confused with the Penn State University of the Big Ten which actually has 14 teams so naturally it makes sense to call it the Big Ten. Alias we digress.

Anyway given this study which tells us something we already knew, which when you think of it is par for the course in the wacky world, we have some ideas for follow on studies.

1. Impact of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other form of social media you can think of and A1C.

2. Which naturally can be further stratified breaking down the impact as to how patients access social media. For example do patients who access Facebook from their smartphones have lower A1C’s then those who access Facebook from a laptop or iPad.

3. Of course given previous studies we cannot fully appreciate these findings without knowing the sex and/or body type of the patient. Remember we have seen studies that have correlated diabetes and the size of a woman’s breast.

4. We are still waiting for studies that show the impact Miller Lite, Grey Goose, champagne and good cigars have on diabetes.

5. Heck while we’re at it why not a study on kitten’s and diabetes.

Seriously folks we have seen some completely useless studies in our time but this one has got to be in the top ten maybe the top five. Will this stop in the future, nope. Will good money continue to be thrown at proving things we already know, you bet. Can these researchers come up with new and creative studies that have no value to the patient, of course. This is after all the wacky world of diabetes where anything can and usually does happen no matter how stupid it seems.

Being that it is Friday and the weekend beckons before us our suggestion is, we all begin our own research skipping ideas 1 through 3 and go straight to number 4. Now we know not everyone likes Miller Lite, Grey Goose, champagne and a good cigar (which to us shows no one is perfect). So feel free to substitute your favorite adult beverage but we would recommend staying away from red wine as there have already been studies correlating red wine and diabetes. We are not aware however of any studies that have used chardonnay although our friends in Paris may have guzzled it all so it may be hard to find.

Nonetheless we shall leave it up to the educated readers of Diabetic Investor to design and implant their own study. For us we just might just combine ideas 4 and 5. Have a great weekend everyone.