We’ve got answers

We’ve got answers

Recently Diabetic Investor has received several questions on the various things our site can and cannot do. So here goes-

How do I access the archives section of the site and is the archives section searchable?

Accessing the archives section is easy and yes it is searchable. All you need to do is enter you user id – which is the email address where you receive Diabetic Investor and password which you selected when you subscribed to Diabetic Investor. If you have forgotten your password just email me at dkliff@diabeticinvestor.com and we can either assign you a password or use one of your own choosing.

Can my subscription be set up for automatic renewal?

Not yet but given the many who have asked for this feature we’re going to add it to the site.

Can subscriptions be upgraded?

No – just kidding – of course they can be. Diabetic Investor offers several subscription types if you or your company would like to upgrade let us know and will be delighted to help.

Do we accept consulting assignments?

Well only the interesting ones and given this wacky world there are many interesting requests. Assignments come in all shapes and sizes but we should note we do not accept every assignment. Only the ones that generate big bucks – yes we are kidding.

Can I share a post with someone who is not a Diabetic Investor subscriber?

Yes and no. Diabetic Investor is a copyrighted publication and therefore it is illegal to share with a non-subscriber without getting our permission first. Typically we grant these requests provided this privilege is not abused.

Will there be a price increase in 2016?

Good question and quite frankly we haven’t decided yet. We’ve been having too much fun lately to think about such mundane issues.

When am I having dinner with our good buddy Serge and his good buddy Olivier? What type of wine will be served?

Excellent question.  Sorry had to throw in a little levity but think of what a great dinner that would be. And yes we are open to wine suggestions.

Well that’s all for now except to say thank you to the many new subscribers and our great group of long time subscribers. Yes Diabetic Investor continues to grow and no we don’t have any plans to retire just yet. Although there are a fair amount of people who would like us to retire.

As always feel free to send any questions to dkliff@diabeticinvestor.com.