Will this stop the madness?

Will this stop the madness?

Earlier this week the European Medicines Agency issued a press release which stated; “The European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has finalised a review of GLP-1-based diabetes therapies. The Committee concluded that presently available data do not confirm recent concerns over an increased risk of pancreatic adverse events with these medicines.”  The question is will this statement, along with a mountain of scientific evidence that basically reached this same conclusion years ago stop the anti-GLP-1 zealots from their crusade.  Sadly Diabetic Investor doesn’t think so for if there is one thing that can be counted on from zealots is the facts never get in the way of their dogged pursuit of their convoluted crusades.

Perhaps researchers like Dr. Gale and his minions should pay close attention  to the following passage contained in the EMA press release; “Following a review of the publication and consultation of a panel of experts, the CHMP considered that the study itself had a number of methodological limitations and potential sources of bias, most importantly differences between the studied groups with respect to age, gender, disease duration and treatments, which preclude a meaningful interpretation of the results.”  Translated into normal English this is a very polite way of saying these so-called experts who are anti-GLP-1 didn’t do a very good job.

It surly must stick in the craw of these zealots that the Agency stated; “The rise of type-2 diabetes is a major public health challenge. GLP-1 based therapies are effective treatments for type-2 diabetes and add to the available medication options.” Take that Dr. Gale and Dr. Butler.

Now before everyone starts rejoicing it’s important to note as the EMA correctly pointed out in their release that there are still ongoing studies and based on the results of these studies things could change. This is what gives zealots hope and fuels their continuing quest to see these valuable treatment options banned from the planet. While we understand that no one can state with 100% certainty that GLP-1 therapies are 100% safe in each and every patient, it’s frustrating that with all the data available that this issue cannot be put to bed. Frankly the last thing we need are even more studies that will reach the exact same conclusions as the studies already competed.

But this being the wacky world of diabetes, where anything can and usually does happen, no one is happy unless studies are being done even if these studies will add no real value or help in the patient in any way. All these studies will do is keep this debate alive which is exactly what the zealots and class-action attorneys want.  So we’re sorry to say that while the majority of respected and legitimate diabetes researchers agree that GLP-1 therapy is safe and effective, this won’t stop the madness.

And just in case anyone is wondering who we have to thank for all this madness, thank that crusading cardiologist Dr. Steven Nissen, who proved that even without solid scientific evidence major damage can be inflicted on millions of patients and major companies in the diabetes space. Thanks a lot Steve, sure hope you’re happy.