Well that didn’t take long and the winner is

Well that didn’t take long and the winner is

Diabetic Investor has learned that Stefan Oelrich is taking the position vacated by the recently beheaded Christopher Kaplan. Kaplan has been reassigned to run all commercial operations in the US which basically means he still overseas the diabetes franchise.

Looking over Mr. Oelrich’s LinkedIn profile we can understand how he ended up with the job as like Olivier, he’s also a Bayer alumnus. Yes, according to this profile he was Vice President & General Manager for Bayer Healthcare from January 2007 till November 2010. At Sanofi he has held the following positions before taking over the disaster that we have come to know as the diabetes franchise; General Manager Germany, Switzerland, AustriaSenior Vice President Region Europe GBU Diabetes Cardiovascular and Coordinator Sanofi Group Europe.

Now we’re not sure how Olivier convinced Stefan to take this position to nowhere but we suspect some serious wine drinking was involved. And it would not surprise us one bit if the night was capped off not with ordinary Makers Mark but the really good stuff Maker’s 46. Unfortunately for Stefan his hangover will continue and likely get worse the more he delves into his new job. Our advice here comes from our very good friend Senator Blutarsky who once stated emphatically; “If I were you I would keep drinking.”

So just to review here for a moment the diabetes franchise has now undergone how many changes in the past 60 days. How many executives have been beheaded?

Although we have yet to meet Stefan it’s a safe bet he’s not becoming too comfortable in the seat just vacated by Chainsaw. Nor have we yet to hear the current betting line as to how long he’ll last either. The early line posted by Sanofi employees puts the over/under at 6 months, which in our opinion is overly generous. The way we look at it we’re not sure what will happen first the Golden State Warriors finishing off the Cleveland Cavaliers to repeat as champs or Stefan looking for a new job.

Yes, we know that we’re having just too much fun with this but heck given how bad things have become at Sanofi diabetes, and believe us that’s saying a ton, best to laugh a little. Sure beats the heck out of crying which is what the Sanofi sales team is about to do given that many of them will soon be looking for work. Let’s hope that Stefan has the decency to give these people who have suffered mightily a nice little package as a parting gift. Given all they have been through that’s the least he can do and never let it be said that Sanofi has never had a problem doing the least they can do.

But wait there’s even more to consider with all these changes, let’s say Stefan doesn’t work out or comes to his senses, who’s next on the depth chart. In the NHL most teams carry only two goaltenders, maybe three during the playoffs. But the NHL also has a rule which states that should a team run out of goaltenders due to injury they can literally go into the stands to find a net-minder. This rule is unique to the NHL but should be seriously considered by Sanofi given they change diabetes executives more frequently than an insulin using patient uses test strips.

Looking over the situation Diabetic Investor harkens back to something Momma Kliff said long ago; “No matter how bad things seem today, no matter how dark the clouds are … It can always get worse.” Oy Vey!