Tis was the night before ….

Tis was the night before ….

This being the Friday before Christmas and also Hanukah which begins Monday it’s time once again for our annual list of gifts. So let’s have at it –

To Sean Salmon who is now running Medtronic Diabetes a year’s supply of Tums. Given you have inherited a mess of a unit you are going to need them.

To Paul Hudson Sanofi’s new CEO who deserves credit for doing what needed to be done with the company’s beleaguered diabetes unit, the sense to finish what he started by selling the unit. Paul have the common sense to sell this unit which still has value and put this capital to use somewhere else.

To Glen Tullman CEO of Livongo a real revenue recognition method. We know this won’t happen but it sure would be nice to know how much money is really coming in rather guessing.

To the West Coast Mafia who deserves credit for making the out of pocket of insulin a real issue the sense to stay away from anything business related. Excuse the expression but stick with being patient advocates as this is what you do best.

To every company that has a Tyler under development stop screwing around and get Tyler to the market as soon as possible.

To all the folks at Tandem you now own the coolest toy in the toy chest heed the words of Momma Kliff and don’t screw this up.

To every Dexcom wannabe understand this is no longer about making an accurate and reliable sensor and this is all about the ability to run a CGM business.

To Dexcom and Abbott the sense to keep pushing. CGM is becoming the standard for glucose measurement but don’t stop there as this is just the tip of a very large iceberg what’s below the water line is an even larger market opportunity.

To our friends in the Valley, yes, the folks at Verily and Apple, use your vast amounts of capital wisely and not on stupid projects which may be cool but won’t help patients much. You have been splashing around in the diabetes pool for a while now it’s about time you start swimming. The same goes for our friends at Amazon.

To every digital diabetes company remember who your target market really is, Type 2 patients who are on orals alone or orals plus insulin these are the people who really need your help.

To the Chicago Bears a real quarterback, a GM that can analyze talent and a coach who believes in winning. Yes, we know this has nothing to do with our wacky world but damn we had Superbowl aspirations going into the year and instead we got a toilet bowl.

To our loyal and growing list of subscribers a heartfelt thank you. Have a great holiday season and a happy healthy and prosperous New Year.