Time for some rules

Time for some rules

We just knew this was going to happen with Apple getting all this free publicity about their latest way cool whiz bang toy a non-invasive continuous glucose monitor. Now never mind that the damn thing doesn’t work and is unlikely to ever reach the marketplace. This news has done unfortunately what we thought it would do it has given life to projects which have no chance of success. Yep the money grab is well underway and investors will once again get bilked out of their money.

Now we have no sympathy for investors who are too lazy to do their due diligence and lose their entire investment. As Momma Kliff used to say; “Con artists exist because there are lots of stupid people in this world.”

Still we have an obligation to inform our subscribers and warn them that these charlatans exist. So, in our continuing quest to help our subscribers we have come up with a list of rules when it comes to any company claiming to have a non-invasive glucose monitor – and we don’t care if its point to point or continuous.


Rule 2- If it sounds too good to be true – IT IS!!!!

Rule 3 – The prettier the PowerPoint the less likely it is the company stands any chance at all.

Rule 4- If the person giving the presentation reminds you of a used-car salesman don’t worry this is par for the course.

Rule 5 – Don’t bother asking any questions as they won’t answer them honestly anyway.

Rule 6 – Each company will say they will succeed and make millions that they have the secret sauce – this too is SOP.

Rule 7 – Expect lots of fancy sounding terms and way cool videos for this is what companies do when they have nothing of substance.

Rule 8 – Remember what a clinical study is and is not. Like many in the interconnected diabetes management arena these people are extraordinarily fast and loose with data.

Rule 9 – OH so close, get used to hearing that as all these con artists are oh so close.


Now just in case we have not been clear enough let us bring in Momma Kliff again who used to say – “If you really feel the need to do something extraordinarily stupid do not compound this stupidity by making this stupidity public. Have the decency to keep this stupidity private.”