Time for another contest

Time for another contest

There are times when Diabetic Investor thanks our lucky stars for all that’s going on in the diabetes world and this is one of those times. Reports are surfacing that the Navigator continuous glucose monitoring system continues to have a tough time in the marketplace and soon could be history. And let’s not forget about the continued interest in that little Israeli company, Medingo who it seems is about to be sold.   It would be no fun at all if we didn’t mention the continued struggles at Roche, who has shown true talent by managing their diabetes device unit so badly that they are now in danger of falling to third market position in the US BGM market.

But wait, there’s more. What about all the companies that are trying to follow in Medingo’s footsteps, developing their own OmniPod wannabes in the desperate hope that they too will be acquired by a bigger player who’s dumb enough to believe they can succeed in this difficult market.

It’s equally fascinating to watch all the Dexcom (NASDAQ:DXCM) wannabes, a truly interesting cast of characters who continue to separate investors from their money in the desperate attempt to find the Holy Grail of diabetes management, a non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring system.

Considering that we are about to enter the diabetes conference season , beginning with the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) conference in Boston, Diabetic Investor thought it would be a great idea to have another contest. We’re going to call this conference “Which will happen first”. It’s easy to enter, just look at the events below and let Diabetic Investor know which event you think will happen first. If you really want to have some fun, you can even rank the events in the order you believe they will come true. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Event 1 – Abbott (NYSE:ABT) after years of frustration and millions of dollars invested decides to once and for all throw in the towel on Navigator.

Event 2- Medingo is sold. You can earn bonus points by naming the acquiring company and the price they will pay.

Event 3- Roche finally comes to their senses and realizes that they have totally screwed up their diabetes device unit and actually decides to do something to fix it.  (And it doesn’t count to say they will start selling meters in pretty colors.)

Event 4 – Someone, anyone will successfully develop and commercialize a non-invasive glucose monitor (continuous or not) that actually works. Sorry folks but the GlucoWatch doesn’t count here.

Event 5- The FDA will actually get with the program and understand that patients with diabetes and the physicians who treat them need more weapons to fight diabetes, not less.

Event 6 – President Obama will issue an executive order banning the use of meta-analysis.

Event 7 – The Chicago Cubs, those lovable losers, will break their century long draught and win the World Series. Since the baseball season begin this week and because Diabetic Investor is a die-hard White Sox fan ( the 2005 World Champions) we had to throw this one in for fun.

As you can well imagine Diabetic Investor has an opinion on these issues, although we would stunned if the Cubs ever won a World Series, but this is your chance to shine. So let’s have some fun and let the contest begin.