This is getting to be fun

This is getting to be fun


We just knew if we kept doing this podcast thing we’d eventually find a way to have some fun. Today listen to Eric Verhoef from Seagrove Partners Listener can get in touch with Eric at or 858-603-6385.

After Eric we’ve got some great podcasts in the que;

David Panzirer – The Helmsley Trust

The Three Amigos – Dr. Irl Hirsch Dr Satish Garg and Dr Steven Edelman

Nadia Al-Samarrie


Phil Sutherland Team Novo Nordisk and SuperSapiens

Cecelia Health

Shacey Petrovic – Insulet

John Sheridan- Tandem

Kevin Sayer – Dexcom

Val Ashbury – LifeScan

But this is just the beginning as we plan on expanding this already impressive roster. Keep in mind that while we’re having a ton of fun doing these podcasts they are for your enjoyment and we’d like to make sure you get to hear from people and/or companies that interest you. So feel free to chime in and let us know who or which company you want to hear from.