The music ends

The music ends

Having been around awhile we tend to get just a little cranky when we see companies do stupid things that have nothing to do with their core competencies, that of course assumes they have a core competency. One of the dumber things is taking a simple, easy to remember name and changing it to something they think is way cool wand whiz bang that no understands or can remember. The posterchild for this idiocy was Bayer who changed their name to Ascensia. Why we have no idea but to this day we still call them Bayer.

Anyway joining this list of name changers is Dance BioPharm who is now Aerami Therapeutics, which sounds more like Armani but what the heck we’re big fans of Hugo Boss anyway. Per a company press release – which by the way is their core competency as about all the company does is issue press releases but let’s not digress well not yet anyway – the press release said

“Dance Biopharm, a clinical-stage company reimagining the treatment of chronic diseases with inhaled therapies, today announced it is rebranding as Aerami Therapeutics and moving its headquarters to Durham, North Carolina. The new brand, which will be implemented immediately, comes as the company pursues strategic partners for its lead asset, Dance 501 inhaled human insulin, to progress into pivotal registration studies, and expands its pipeline to include inhaled therapeutics for endocrinology diseases – designed to provide patients an alternative to routine injectable treatments.”

We do like the choice of Durham for their headquarters, not like we’ll ever get an invite for a visit, but Durham is a very nice town and of course home to the Duke Blue Devils, a great college basketball program lead by Coach K who just happens to be from Chicago, hey we know none of this matters but you never know when this might come up during a trivia contest.

The real bummer here is it is much harder to make fun of a company named Aerami then it is Dance. Perhaps Livongo will change their name now that they are doing the Livongo Limbo, listen when your stock is dropping like a stone why not. The folks at Livongo were once doing the hippie hippie but investors are now doing the dump dump when they would rather be doing the jump jump. But we digress.

Listen we looked up Aerami on Google and couldn’t find a clear meaning or some sort of definition. It’s like the team at Aerami just came up with this name out of thin air which when you think about it is appropriate as their lead drug is inhaled. Ok we know this a major stretch but since the company doesn’t have an ice cubes chance in hell of being successful this is the best we can do.

A cynic might say that we are responsible for this name change that the company was getting tired of being dumped on knew that it’s harder to make fun of Aerami so hence the rebranding. Yes, we are really stretching here but what the heck maybe Sanofi will change their name to Chardonnay Guzzling Incompetent Morons to accurately reflect what the company is all about. Perhaps Bigfoot will officially change their name to BigMouth or Medtronic to the Evil Empire.

At this point everyone might be wondering what the hell all this has to do with our wacky world and the wackiness that’s been going on lately. Why is Diabetic Investor even writing about this worthless company? Well it was Momma Kliff who said that all work and no play is no fun and frankly we could all use a good laugh these days with all the crap going on. Have a great day everyone.