The food police arrest Paula Deen, pleads incompetence.

The food police arrest Paula Deen, pleads incompetence.

This hasn’t exactly been a great few weeks for celebrity chef and Type 2 diabetic Paula Deen. Since Ms. Deen came out of the closet and announced she was diagnosed three years ago with type 2 diabetes and now has found religion and cash by signing a deal to promote Victoza the once-daily GLP-1 from Novo Nordisk (NYSE:NVO). What got many people irritated including Diabetic Investor was the fact that she hide her diagnose from her many fans while continuing to offer up recipes that aren’t exactly diabetes friendly and only when she had found an endorsement deal did she make her diabetes public.

This situation created somewhat of a firestorm and Ms. Deen quickly became the subject de jour for type 2 diabetes. Then just when everyone though things couldn’t get any worse Ms. Deen’s publicist quit and according to a story posted on “Nancy Assuncao, who spent six years touting Deen to a hungry public, “strongly disagreed with Deen’s dramatic turnabout, after years of promoting fatty foods, to announcing she has a deal with a diabetes drug company and will be promoting lighter food and ‘Diabetes In A New Light,’ ” an unnamed source tells The New York Post.”

But the story does not need their as several news outlets including ABC News have posted stories about Ms. Deen eating cheeseburgers and fries while on a cruise. According to post yesterday on the ABC News website; “She acknowledged that a person has “to make changes in your life” but apparently, Deen hasn’t apparently changed all that much.  TMZ posted a photo of Deen woolfing down a cheeseburger on Monday while on a 7-day Caribbean cruise.  The 65-year-old chef was hosting her annual Party at Sea vacation for 400 fans.  TMZ says Deen also had fries on her plate.”

Now at this point some might believe that Diabetic Investor actually feels sorry for Ms. Deen as she really does not deserve such a public grilling for the food she chooses to eat as like many incompetent people with diabetes she is free to eat whatever she likes even if those foods will only make her battle with diabetes harder and likely lead to the many complications associated with poorly controlled diabetes. That she should be allowed the occasional indulgence even though she is a celebrity who has publicly stated that now that she has diabetes she would change her ways to be a good example to her fans.

Keep in mind here that while Ms. Deen has only recently made her diabetes public, she was diagnosed three years ago and given her vast fortune Diabetic Investor assumes she is working with a competent healthcare team. Simply put either Ms. Deen is the dumbest diabetic on the planet or she is the ultimate hypocrite who really has sold the fact that she has diabetes merely to make a few more bucks. Now since Diabetic Investor has never meet Ms. Deen we have no way of knowing if she is so stupid not to realize that as recognizable celebrity it’s not exactly a good idea to eat a cheeseburger and fries in public right after you announced you had type 2 diabetes and that you had changed your ways to live a healthier lifestyle. No wonder her publicist quite as she probably knew that there is no cure for stupid (something Ms. Deen has in abundance) and that a person cannot grow a moral compass (not when they are bold face liar who cares only about their own wallet).

Given this situation, which is not going away, one has to wonder how long the folks at Novo will continue to employ Ms. Deen. How long will they insult every type 2 patient who is working their asses off trying to control their diabetes? How long will they let this fat, stupid and arrogant woman be the face of their Victoza franchise? Are they really that arrogant themselves as to believe that all this publicity and controversy will actually help sell more Victoza? Can any company be that stupid? Have they not noticed the many stories that have come out about Victoza which are highlighting the thyroid cancer risk? Have they no shame?

Given the silence coming from Denmark, it seems as though they think this situation will just go away and fade quietly into the night. Just as President Nixon likely thought that no one would pay much attention to some guys caught burglarizing an obscure office complex called Watergate.

Frankly Diabetic Investor could care less what happens to Ms. Deen as she will reap what she sows. Unfortunately there are thousands of patients just like Ms. Deen who ignore their diabetes, don’t take care of themselves and end up with one or more of the many complications associated with poorly controlled diabetes. We wish this wasn’t the case but it is a reality.

We do however care about Novo Nordisk a company that at one time had a long and very distinguished history in diabetes. A company that at one time actually cared about patients with diabetes and would not sell their souls just to make a few extra bucks; a company that has become a shadow of its former self and should be ashamed when they look in the mirror.  The time has come for Novo to admit they made a mistake and terminate their relationship with Ms. Deen. Anything else is unacceptable. The diabetes world is watching.