The excuses have begun

The excuses have begun

Well it seems as though Ken is back at it as our other MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD) supporters. Yes in their never ending quest to push shares of MannKind higher these zealots just can’t help themselves. As we noted just this morning Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) management decided it was a good idea to rack the Afrezza sales force over the coals because the launch isn’t meeting expectations. Never mind that the issues we’ve been stating about Afrezza are real, nope management just can’t come to grips that they and not the sales force are part of the problem.

Today our good friend Ken posted yet another piece on MannKind this one entitled; “Afrezza Will Succeed But Initial Sales Likely To Disappoint”. He states; “If MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD) could say Afrezza reduces complications such as hypoglycemic events, weight gain, premature organ failure, etc.,  Afrezza would be one of the most successful product launches in pharmaceutical history. But, here’s the rub. Since they are not going to be able to make such claims at the launch, investors who think otherwise will be disappointed with initial sales results, even though they may be eventually proven right.”

While we hate to point out the obvious the reason these claims cannot be made is that there is NO clinical evidence to back them up. From day one we have stated what the clinical data states Afrezza is not better than existing injectable insulin’s, it’s on par with them but not better. Yet Ken like so many MannKind zealots never lets the facts get in the way of a good pump and dump.

Perhaps having second thoughts Ken writes; “It may take a few years before doctors will gain enough clinical experience with Afrezza’s PK profile to know whether it results in fewer complications. In the next 6 months, however, initial sales will likely disappoint those who think this is already a proven fact. I wouldn’t bet the farm on MannKind, but if I had a portfolio of 10 stocks with the same risk-reward profile, I would bet the farm on that portfolio.”

This is classic for a pump and dumper as they begin to realize they may actually be wrong about the horse they’ve bet on. That Afrezza may not be Secretariat after all and just might be a nag headed for the glue factory. Statements such as these provide them cover as when the horse fails to finish in the money they can say they warned everyone about the risks of betting on a long shot.

But wait this gets even better.

“Before it’s even out of the gate you are extremely agressive in saying Sanofi should drop it….Being an investment writer providing advice specializing in diabetes, you may regret your position in the near future. You have boxed yourself in, and clearly do not know what afrezza can and cannot do. I hope your readers forgive you for missing the biggest diabetes story in history.”

This statement comes from another MannKind zealot who obviously doesn’t think very highly of Diabetic Investor and our beliefs regarding Afrezza. Just like some of the folks at Asante seem to believe we’re an idiot who can’t boil water without screwing it up, so too do many MannKind supporters believe we’re just plain stupid.

All we will say at this point is Diabetic Investor will stake up our track record against anyone. Yep for a blithering idiot we were the only writer who accurately predicted that Exubera would be a colossal failure. Just as we were right about the now on hold Asante IPO.

Honestly we are faltered by all this attention as normally Diabetic Investor is only called a blithering idiot by friends and family members. To be called a moron by complete strangers who obviously have not done their due diligence on Diabetic Investor and our track record is an honor.  Yet the fact these MannKind zealots have not done their due diligence on Diabetic Investor is hardly surprising. The fact is these people don’t know how to perform due diligence for if they knew how they wouldn’t be invested in MannKind.

While we may not be an expert on investing we know enough not to invest purely on blind faith which is exactly what these MannKind zealots are doing. A blind squirrel may find a nut now and then but in this case it’s the MannKind zealots who are both blind and nuts.