The Challenge

The Challenge

Given his love of the camera, Diabetic Investor has decided to challenge that crusading cardiologist Dr. Steven Nissen to a pay per view cage match with all proceeds going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This no holds bar event will surly draw a large audience and all for a good cause. The rules would be simple whoever taps out first loses.

Diabetic Investor has already begun training for this event as we don’t want to be caught off guard when the good doctor throws his signature meta-analysis move our way.  We are also willing to stage this event in Washington DC, so that the crusading cardiologist can invite all his friends who work at the FDA and the many members of Congress who support him.  Diabetic Investor is even willing to accept Senator Charles Grassley or FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, M.D as the referees for the match. We realize that this would put Diabetic Investor at a competitive disadvantage as the Senator is a strong ally for Dr. Nissen and Dr. Hamburg wouldn’t want to upset the good doctor with any bad calls.

Still Diabetic Investor, unlike the good doctor, is willing to accept some risk as we live in the real world and understand there is no such thing as completely safe drug or impartial referee. We are also willing to remove our Dexcom (NASDAQ:DXCM) continuous glucose monitor and our OmniPod insulin management system should Dr. Nissen believe these devices somehow give Diabetic Investor a competitive advantage or were approved prematurely by the FDA. 

Given his fondness for old school approaches to diabetes management, Diabetic Investor on the day of the match, will go back to multiple daily injection therapy using out of date human insulin’s, delivered using a 27 gauge non-lubricated syringe. While it’s true that the newer insulin analogues are safe and effective; and the current crop of insulin delivery systems are far more patient friendly and improve the quality of care, Diabetic Investor prefers not to offend Dr. Nissen by using advanced drugs or devices.

Diabetic Investor is further willing to stipulate that we will go it alone and further agree that if he would like Dr. Nissen can have additional team members.  We can’t say that we’re overall concerned should Dr. Nissen wish to tag team Diabetic Investor and actually believe this could add to the excitement, after all a crusader cannot achieve his goals without followers who share the same beliefs. Frankly this could get truly interesting and just might boost ratings for the match, people always like to watch matches where it’s one against many.

The bottom line here is Diabetic Investor is willing to meet Dr. Nissen and his crusaders anytime he wants, anywhere he wants. Unlike the good doctor, Diabetic Investor prefers to help the millions of patients with diabetes and the JDRF does some truly excellent work. 

Although this challenge has not yet been accepted, Vegas is placing odds on a Diabetic Investor victory at 3 to 1 with the match going just 3 rounds.  Take the under.