The BIG Story

The BIG Story

As we get ready to head home, at least we think Chicago is home, it’s time for our annual wacky dance wrap up. Now before we get to the BIG story let’s get a few little stories out of the way.

Yesterday Tandem (NASDAQ: TNDM) spent most of the day meeting with potential investors. Apparently, the vultures are circling thinking they can buy the company for a song, which is true. Now as much as we can’t imagine anyone investing even more money into this sinkhole this is the wacky world of diabetes and stranger things have happened. Although if this does happen it will definitely make our top ten list.

Based on what we and frankly almost everyone else knows the company’s financial situation is becoming desperate and without more money and more money in hurry it will be all over come September/October. Our drop-dead date is November is November 4th for no other reason than that’s a pretty special day for the Kliff family.

As for the show, itself it was pretty boring and once again you could roll a bowling ball around the exhibit hall and not worry about hitting anyone. As is becoming the new norm at the annual wacky dance the exhibits get smaller and fewer wacky dance attendees visit the morgue, oh excuse us, the exhibit hall.

This also was another wacky dance that was devoid of buzz, something everyone was talking about. Unlike past years there was no one story, event that had everyone talking. Heck we didn’t even hear any juicy stories about reps getting drunk taking their clothes off and dancing on a table. But this only happens in New Orleans but we digress. Perhaps the rent-a-reps and booth bunnies were just too tired from standing around all day doing nothing but talking with each other.

It could be the reason for this lack of excitement and seriously we’ve had more fun watching golf or soccer on TV, that this lack of buzz steams from the fact that two of three big companies who will dominate our wacky world in the future weren’t even officially here. Yes, Google was in attendance but unless they were wearing disguises, and given how the folks in Silicon Valley can be slightly paranoid so it would not surprise us if they were, Apple and Amazon were not in attendance.

Years ago, Diabetic Investor predicted that with devices and drugs becoming commodities combined with the latest craze interconnected diabetes management (IDM) patients would be prescribed diabetes management systems (DMS). Systems which would include drugs, devices, apps, coaching and Momma Kliff’s matzo ball soup, which is damn tasty. Well at long last it looks like we are about to reach that point with only thing missing being Momma Kliff’s soup and her mushroom barley soup was also outstanding.

The main difference between today and a few years ago is that we can substitute the word systems for platforms. This is why Google, Apple and Amazon are diving into the deep end of the diabetes pool, this is battle over platforms. See none of these companies come with heavy baggage of being in this wacky world since Moses lead my people out of Egypt. There revenues and profits are not dependent on being in this wacky world. They want to be in diabetes they do not need to be in diabetes. And that statement alone makes me question their sanity but again we digress.

What also separates these three amigos from the old guard, other than having ungodly sums of money and a fresh perspective, is they don’t look down upon the patient. They see the patient as a consumer of health care who besides generating revenue from drugs and devices will also generate revenue using their respective platforms. Apple pickers will have Siri reminding them that after they refilled their scripts why not buy some other stuff in the Apple store. Not to be outdone Alexa, when she isn’t being snarky and arguing with Siri, will be asking her patients would they like some Tide along with their metformin. Google, and seriously Google really should give their digital assistant a sexy name, we’ll call her Aphrodite after the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and you can’t get sexier than that but again we digress. Aphrodite will ask her patients to buy a GoPro camera along with their Dexcom (NASDAQ: DXCM) slap it on turn it on sensor.

The three amigos also have another advantage over the old guard as everyone and we everyone wants to partner with them. These are the three pretty ladies at the dance and all the boys want to dance with them. And let’s be clear Siri, Alexa and Aphrodite will leverage their beauty to the fullest extent possible. As Momma Kliff used to say; “Find a pretty woman and you’ll be happy for a night. Find a pretty woman who is also smart and you’ll be happy for a lifetime. Find a pretty, smart woman with ungodly sums of money and you are the luckiest person on the planet.”

And let me tell you that Mom was spot on and I have been fortunate to find not just one pretty/smart woman but two. But again, we digress.

Yes, Siri, Alexa and Aphrodite will have the pick of the liter. Partners who will pay for the privilege of a dance. Heck Aphrodite has already proven this as she got our Merlot chugging friends to pony up $250 million for a dance. Which just goes to show something else Momma Kliff said remains relevant today; “When it comes to pretty most men think with their head, it’s just the wrong one.”

Listen Momma Kliff raised four rather rambunctious boys, one of whom is incredibly handsome, but again we digress.

Let’s face some of those pesky facts. Siri, Alexa and Aphrodite hold the keys to the kingdom. They are pretty, smart and have gobs of money the winningest trifecta. Hazel, Eunice, Gertrude and her friends have not aged well and are in a serious need of plastic surgery. Some will embrace this new world order, go under the knife and attempt to play in the sandbox with the pretty woman. Others will end up only with scares. But it is Siri, Alexa and Aphrodite who’ll be in control of these relationships and will have no problem dumping their new partners if a newer better-looking partner comes along.

As Momma Kliff liked to say; “Pretty, smart and gobs of money is an attractive yet dangerous combination.”