The “Bottom” of the diabetes research.

The “Bottom” of the diabetes research.

Given that diabetes is growing at epidemic rates and is not only becoming a worldwide healthcare but economic issue as well, researcher are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to discovering why diabetes does or does not occur. In a stunning development, researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered that after injecting buttock and hip fat into mice, they found that their bodies made better use out of the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin (the main hormone linked to diabetes).  Their conclusion, woman with rounder butts are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

When you combine this stunning discovery with another study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal which says a Canadian study shows younger women with big breasts run a 68 percent greater chance of acquiring diabetes by middle age than their smaller-breasted peers, woman with rounder butts and smaller breasts breathed a shy of relief.

Given this fascination between the size of the various body parts of woman and diabetes, Diabetic Investor decided to do some research of our own to see if any research has been done examining the size of a man’s body parts and diabetes. In what smacks us as pure sex discrimination Diabetic Investor could not find a single study that examined the correlation of the size of a man’s body part and diabetes. What gives here?

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 12 million or 11.2% of all men aged 20 years or older have diabetes, while 11.5 million or 10.2% of all women aged 20 years or older have diabetes. Why then are researchers ignoring half of the diabetes patient population?

Looking for a possible explanation Diabetic Investor thought researchers themselves may carry a bias as the studies done examining woman and diabetes are largely conducted by male researchers. Are there no female researchers interested in the male body and diabetes?

Diabetic Investor decided to check the with the research teams at Abbott (NYSE:ABT) and Roche, two companies experienced at wasting money, believing they may be conducting male related research. After we struck out with Abbott and Roche, we decided to call upon Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) who just happens to be the maker of Viagra and also has some experience in diabetes with Exubera. Given that the Exubera delivery device has been compared to a certain technological version of a male organ, Diabetic Investor thought for sure Pfizer would be the leader in male diabetes research. Although officials from the company would not comment when asked, Diabetic Investor suspects that after wasting over $4 billion on Exubera the company has had enough with throwing good money after an extremely bad idea.

Our quest unfulfilled we decided to contact our friends at Lilly (NYSE:LLY) who besides having a major diabetes franchise also sells Cialis®.  Perhaps Lilly could add a new side effect to the commercials seen on television for Cialis besides the possibility of a 4 hour erection Cialis just might prevent diabetes in males. While Diabetic Investor could not get any Lilly official to comment on the record we suspect their resources are concentrated on getting Byetta LAR to the FDA.

Frankly Diabetic Investor is shocked and appalled in a world where sexual discrimination lawsuits are commonplace that not one male has sued the pharmaceutical industry. Equally disturbing is the fact that Congress, another male dominated institution, has not conducted one single hearing into this issue. Why are males being left in the cold?

Hoping to end this bias Diabetic Investor has contacted the famous Chippendale Male Dancers to explore the possibility of volunteering for a study. Although Diabetic Investor has never seen these performers in person according to the company’s web site “Chippendales, The Show, is the world’s most recognized brand name in ladies entertainment. Performing for millions of women a year in over 25 countries, the companies 5 productions, including its flagship at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, has established itself as "The Ultimate Girls Night Out!" for women of all ages.”

Although we have yet to hear from Chippendale management, Diabetic Investor suspects it won’t be a problem finding woman researchers willing to conduct such a study.  After all, for years woman have been the target sex discrimination and it’s only seems fair that someone step up to the table and conduct such an important piece of research. If nothing else the researchers should get one heck of a show.

Considering that nearly two-thirds of all patients with diabetes are not under control the results of this type of research just might lead to the same amazing, ground breaking conclusions  discovered when it comes to women and diabetes. The diabetes community can now take comfort that small breasted woman with large butts have little to worry about.  

When it comes to ending this discrimination against males Diabetic Investor thinks Oscar Wilde put it best when he said; “Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing; it always from the noblest motives.”