Thanks Mom

Thanks Mom

As everyone knows Sunday is Mother’s Day that very special holiday that celebrates mom. Now it should go without saying that on this day we must honor Momma Kliff. Yes, mom has a big fan club out there in the wacky world and deservedly so. Rarely could one individual capture in clear, concise thoughts just how wacky this world of ours truly is.

When we began writing Diabetic Investor Momma Kliff was just a little amused that her son could make a living writing about the wacky world. This fact alone proved to her that when it comes to this wacky world anything is possible.

Although gone now Mom continues to be an inspiration, providing clarity of thought and purpose. We continually harken back to the many conversations we had with Mom, a woman who didn’t believe in holding her tongue nor did she believe in bullshit. If there was one thing everyone said about Mom it was she called like it like she saw it and it didn’t matter if you liked what she had to say or not. To Mom it was about the truth and if you didn’t like the truth well that’s just too bad.

Listen it wasn’t easy raising four often pesky and very snaky boys plus having to handle the Wizard too. To say that Mom had her hands full is like saying Chicago is a big city. Heck a non-family member who witnessed dinner may have well thought that hand to hand combat was prerequisite to eating at the Kliff house. Hey what can we say Momma Kliff and the Wizard encouraged an open dialogue.

Yet at the same time neither Momma Kliff or the Wizard would let anyone get away with crap. If they felt your position was wrong, misguided or not well thought out they weren’t afraid to challenge you. This wasn’t done to embarrass anyone it was done to make them think things through. It was meant to make them better. As Mom said all the time; “If you think in the real world you’d get away with this crap, think again.”

We also want to thank another Momma Kliff that many of you knew, my beloved Deb. Yes, we’re pretty sure come Sunday the two Momma Kliff’s will be sharing some pink stuff and having a laugh or two. To honor Deb, I’ll be doing my fifth, yes fifth Triathlon this August while raising money for Lungevity, a charity dedicated to lung cancer research – anyone who wishes to donate can go to;

And stay tuned as there just might be Momma Kliff number three on the horizon.

So, to all the Moms have a Happy Mother’s Day – heaven knows you deserve it.