TGIF and a long weekend too

TGIF and a long weekend too

Right now, we imagine the folks in Northridge and Bridgewater are anxious for this three-day weekend to begin. Heck with a few exceptions we imagine the entire wacky world is ready for a three-day binger. Our chardonnay guzzling friends in Paris who had hoped to be popping champagne today instead are facing the prospect of drinking boxed wine. As Momma Kliff used to say this hasn’t exactly been one of our better weeks.

But hey look on the bright side this is traditionally the best football weekend over the year – our picks Chiefs and Saints to faceoff in Superbowl LIII.

Given our earlier post today we considered running a new contest, it’s been awhile we know, and having nominations for the dumbest moves in diabetes history. However, we thought better of it as quite frankly there are just too many to choose from. Next, we thought about the flip side and the best deals in diabetes but there just aren’t enough nominees to make this a fair fight. Therefore, we settled on a third option what’s the over/under on the following:

1. First company to launch Tyler – will it be one of the insulin companies or will Tyler spring from a device or CGM company?

2. Medtronic SELLING their diabetes franchise – crazy you say – well given the desperation that has set in at Northridge nothing is outside the realm of possibilities.

3. Odds on Sanofi buying out Verily and as a bonus the buyout price.

4. This is almost unfair but what the heck given the all the fascination with a non-invasive CGM odds that Apple will bring such a device to market.

5. Here’s a good one which Dexcom wannabe will be the first to bring their way cool whiz bang CGM that’s just as good as the G6 and cheaper too to the market. Extra points for picking the FDA approval date.

6. Back to our beleaguered friends in Northridge – what’s the most likely outcome of the ongoing FDA investigation – a warning letter – a recall or the nuclear option the FDA forcing the company to halt sales of the way cool whiz bang 670G.

7. Odds on my beloved Chicago Bears cutting their goalpost hitting kicker – yes, we know this is also unfair but can’t help it this still stings.

8. Over/Under on Lilly actually bringing their way cool whiz bang insulin pump to market.

9. Again, this is also unfair but what the hey odds that Sanofi will ever get their act together with Admelog and do to Lilly with Amdelog what Lilly did to them with Basaglar, yes, we know this is unfair but heck if the Cleveland Browns can be playoff contenders anything is possible.

10. Since we have made our picks for the Superbowl teams let’s here from the masses and as an added bonus the eventual winner of Superbowl LIII. We like the Saints to raise the Lombardi Trophy on February 3, 2019.

Have a great three-day weekend everyone.