Strange but true

Strange but true

It has become a Diabetic Investor habit of doing some advanced planning for the annual ADA conference. In the past this conference was not just a must attend event but also a great party. Just ask the Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD) rep who stripped naked at a Bourbon Street bar the last time the conference was in New Orleans.   Oh for the good old days but we digress.

As we set up for this year’s conference we noticed some interesting contradictions. Was it not just yesterday that Roche announced a CGM deal with Senseonics? Well guess what Roche doesn’t have a booth at ADA.  Nor does Abbott (NYSE: ABT). That’s right two of the big three BGM companies aren’t even setting up shop in New Orleans.

Now we know these conferences have become a waste of time for many companies and given the dismal BGM market dynamics it’s not surprising that Roche and Abbott have decided to save a few bucks.

Also missing from the exhibitor list are the way cool whiz bang cloud enabled glucose monitors that will eventually be replaced by disposable CGM systems. This is one of the more amazing aspects of this wacky world as to how quickly these whiz bang way cool cloud enabled conventional glucose monitors will become obsolete. The simple fact is CGM technology is accelerating faster than anyone could have imagined and these way cool whiz bang cloud enabled systems better find buyers soon as the big boys are about to play in their playground.

Of course we’re thinking of spending some serious time in the Sanofi (NYSE: SNY) booth if for no other reason than we want to find a person who can answer a simple question; Why did they spend $245 million for an expedited review voucher for LixiLan?  Of course this is the same company that thought they could make Afrezza a success with a Tier 3 formulary position. Seriously just when you think you’ve seen it all at Sanofi they do something that tops a previous stupidity. No question when it comes to great copy and lots of laughs Sanofi is the gift that keeps on giving.

Having been to many of these conferences we know that the real news happens off the exhibit floor. This year in particular two major clinical studies will share the spotlight as the LEADER and EMPA-REG trials will have their respective days in the sun. It also goes without saying that there will be some sort of controversy over something that was said in one of the sessions. It won’t be a real controversy but everyone will think it is as it gives everyone something to talk about.

This being New Orleans the real news will come from where it always comes from, the bar. Yes, if the ADA conference should be known for anything is just how much great information comes after the exhibit hall closes and everyone heads to the bar. This is also true when people are coming back from dinner and head to the bar for a nightcap. Get a few drinks in these folks and well the rest as they say is magical.

So drink up everyone and see you in the Big Easy.