Something for the REAL Tyler

Something for the REAL Tyler

Some people have asked why I named the CGM-App-“Smart” Insulin pen system a Tyler well that happens to be the name of my incredible grandson. What you think I just pulled the name out of thin air? Anyway, on July 1st I’ll be doing the New York Triathlon in his honor and has become the custom when I do one of these events I am raising money for a very good cause.

As incredible and cute as Tyler is, thank goodness he got his good looks from his mother, the little guy has a cleft palate which will require some minor surgery. Therefore, being the good and very proud Granddad that I am my charity this year is the Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital where the surgery will be performed.

According to Tyler’s Mom another outstanding child that I am very proud to have as my daughter tells me this hospital is doing some great work in this area and therefore worthy of support.

So not being one to pass up an opportunity to hit people for donations here is the web address for Tyler’s fund-raising page

Yep this is shameless self-promotion but it’s for a very good cause. Tyler and I thank you for your support.