Some Random Thoughts

Some Random Thoughts

First a huge shout out to the many who have emailed Diabetic Investors with suggestions for future posts. It appears the cold weather that’s gripping much of the nation has given people time to get caught up with posts they may have missed. Listen when it’s a balmy 3 degrees outside we certainly understand that there isn’t much to do outside other than freeze. So, in the interest of keeping everyone happy here goes:

One of the more frequent questions we get is will anyone buy Tandem (NASDAQ: TNDM) and if no one will how long will they last before they run out of money. Many have run the numbers looked at the fundamentals and have concluded if Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) doesn’t pull the trigger and Johnson and Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) doesn’t want to pull the trigger then who would step in. The short answer is we can’t think of anyone who would be crazy enough.

Which then brings us to just how long does the company have left. By our estimates without a buyer, without additional capital the company will not make it through the first quarter of 2107.

Ok for those who have been wondering about why President elect Trump has not intervened on behalf of the many US employees who are about to get beheaded by Sanofi (NYSE: SNY) we have a simple answer, what he’d really like to do is tell the French government to behead the management team in Paris.

For those who does not follow French politics the good people of France are about to have their own Presidential election. Now we don’t know which candidate will win and we aren’t paying much attention to the polls, after all if the polls were accurate Hillary would be the President elect and Donald would be back as a reality TV star. But what would be nice whoever gets elected at minimum take away all the wine from Sanofi management and just for good measure tell these children that there will no ice cream for month. Or if they really want to make a splash allow the people who have been beheaded to throw rotten tomatoes at the Sanofi management team.

We also appreciate the many kind words we have received on behalf of Momma Kliff. About the only person not happy with her growing group of fans is Papa Kliff or as we love to call him the Wizard. It seems the Wizard is a little teed off that Mom is getting all the attention while he labors in obscurity. Sorry Pop we can’t make you popular while you’re still around and while we love your many tidbits we would like you around a little while longer. And since you around and a very vibrant 91 how about giving me something I have always wanted; a little brother, come on man can’t hurt to try.

Speaking of appreciation many have asked when our wine consultant will make another appearance and will she do private events. Sorry to say for the moment she’s unavailable as she is taking care of an impending storm while chasing down some new wine selections. As for private events, sorry but Diabetic Investor has exclusivity here and no we are not willing to negotiate no matter what the price. It isn’t often you find a great wine consultant and we aren’t letting this one go.

Well that’s all for now keep the emails coming always happy to help make a cold day a little warmer.