Some Helpful Hints

Some Helpful Hints

First let me apologize to everyone with the recent issues we’ve been having with our email server. We are working diligently to fix the problem and make sure these issues don’t reoccur.

Second, please note that you can see everything I’ve written by accessing the site, which as far as we can tell is working fine. Please note that your user id is your email address and that is need be we can send you your password in case you have forgotten what your password is.

Third, although I am not a big fan of Twitter I have found this site to be a useful tool to disseminate information and in the future will use both Twitter and LinkedIn, to let subscribers know when I post something or any other relevant information.

Finally, contrary to the rumor mill the Green Bay Packers are not the cause of these problems nor does it have anything to do with Jay Cutler’s poor performance or bum knee. While we would be delighted to blame our cheese head friends, in all fairness they were the better team last Sunday. GO STEELERS!

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