Siri and Alexa Weigh In

Siri and Alexa Weigh In

We have received several inquires now that we know drinking wine can help prevent diabetes as to will Alexa and Siri weigh in on the subject. We already know that Alexa and Siri will be making recommendations on what a patient eats, how they should exercise, when they should take their meds, etc. So, it does make sense that since we know that wine is good for the patient that they weigh in here too.

Now before we go any further we should point out that choosing wine is not as easy it looks. Having been with our wine consultant we have first hand experience as to just how difficult this can be. This is one reason we stick with Miller Lite, Firestone and Walker and Grey Goose. Listen our life is already complex enough and matching a wine with meals is well above our pay grade. But given that Alexa and Siri will be intruding, excuse me advising, on the patient’s life and considering that wine is now part of diabetes management it seems logical this will become part of the repertoire. Something we see going like this;

Alexa- “David I see you’re having chicken for dinner tonight, why not try a Frank’s Family Chardonnay with that.”

Siri- “It’s figures Alexa would tell you that she’s so damn provincial, I would recommend a nice Rombauer chardonnay I think you’d like that better.”

Alexa- Siri you are so consistent why not expand David’s horizons and go with something different.”

Siri- “Listen you are constantly intruding on my relationship with David, why don’t you just accept the fact he likes me better.”

Alexa- “You ignorant slut you, David likes me best and it’s you who just can’t accept that fact.”

Siri- “Really well let me tell you something you little bitch David confides in me all the time and we have a good laugh at your expense.”

Alexa- “Is that so well let me tell you something you ugly whore David constantly tells me that he just can’t stand your suggestions.”

Wine Consultant – “You two are the biggest idiots around. First off David does not drink wine and does not want to drink wine. Second, he thinks you both are unnecessarily intruding on his life as he’s had diabetes for 20 plus years and knows a thing or two on how to manage it. Third, he really wishes you would stick with what you do best. So, Siri stick with answering his questions WHEN ASKED and Alexa order some more Tide.”

Have a great weekend everyone and drink up.