Roche plays follow the leader

Roche plays follow the leader

When it comes to diabetes devices we live in a copycat world. When one company comes out with an innovation it’s quickly copied by everyone as the competition does not want to be perceived as having an inferior product. Unfortunately for Roche when it comes to playing follow the leader Diabetic Investor is pretty sure announcing a recall right after Animas announced a recall is not what they had in mind.

According to the FDA’s web site Roche announced a recall of their Accu-Chek® FlexLink Plus infusion sets. The recall notice states;

“Roche Insulin Delivery Systems announced today that it is notifying its customers and healthcare professionals about the recall of the ACCU-CHEK® FlexLink Plus infusion set, because of the potential for under delivery of insulin due to a kinked/bent cannula when inserting the ACCU-CHEK FlexLink Plus infusion set. If this remains unnoticed, this can result in under delivery leading to elevation of blood glucose levels.”

This recall is just one more setback for the highly troubled unit and makes Diabetic Investor wonder why the company continues to throw good money into this very bad investment. Still, the recall isn’t that big of deal when you consider there are so few patients using Roche insulin pumps they will only have to replace a handful of units.

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