Real Solutions not toys

Real Solutions not toys

Many have asked why we have decided to publish our upcoming yet to be named special report. The reason is becoming clearer by the day given what’s been going on in our wacky world. A world which has become somewhat of an arms race. A race to see who can build the coolest whiz bang toy or app. Yet try as we might to get everyone to understand this isn’t about the toys in the toy box or has the most whiz bang way cool app the arms race continues unabated.

However, it is understandable that some would ask if its not about the toys in the toy chest or if it’s not about whiz bang way cool what is the answer. Or Momma Kliff used to say “Hey anyone can point out what the problems are, but it takes real talent and insight to offer solutions. And not just esoteric solutions but real solutions that can be implemented now. Put simply either put up or shut up.”

Hence following Mom’s advice we’ve decide to put up which is why were publishing this special yet still unnamed report. The solutions we’re offering are not pie in the sky. They are not undoable they are the exact opposite they are very doable.

As we noted before this is like a roadmap which provides a pathway to success. A pathway which applies not just to device companies or drug companies but every company in this wacky world of ours regardless of which product or service they offer. For the past 20 years we’ve watched too many failed attempts at attacking this problem. Too many attempts at building the solution first and finding the problem to solve later.

Today we have some of the best products, drugs and tools yet still we are not seeing improvements when it comes to patient outcomes. The latest diabetes devices are underutilized while medication adherence remains a major problem. Solutions to these problems not only translates into better patient outcomes but bucks and big bucks. Think of what it would mean to a device company If their device was used by most of the patient population and not just a mere handful. The same goes for a drug company if medication adherence was no longer an issue.

Why will our solutions be real because we live and operate in the real world. We understand the role of the payor, the patient, the healthcare provider. We understand what the “street” wants too. We are not living in some ivory tower. Listen we know the healthcare system is screwed up and needs fixing, but we are not experts in fixing the healthcare system. We are experts in diabetes and understand how solutions must be able to work in this screwed up system we have.

We are not writing this yet unnamed special report to win a Pulitzer. We are writing this report so that patients get better and companies make money and yes, it is that simple. See we do not view getting the patient better and companies making money as competing against each other. We believe you cannot do one without first doing the other.

Now that everyone is jumping into the diabetes pool it’s more important then ever that everyone understand what it takes to compete and win. Change is already underway and adapting and dealing with this change cannot happen without understanding the change itself.

Sure, anyone can stay within their comfort zone and turn a blind eye towards the coming change. The real winners will be the ones who embrace this change, understand it and most importantly know how to profit from it. This is what this report is all about.

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