Podcast and Report Update

We are pleased to announce another edition of the Wacky World of Diabetes podcast. This podcast was a true pleasure for me as I have known Nadia Al-Samarrie since my very first ADA conference.

With the ADA conference staring June 25th we have also decided to release weekly editions of the Wacky World of Diabetes podcast and have picked that date as the release for our special report The Convergence of Forces. And before we go on here it’s important to clarify that the Special Report is NOT included with your subscription however we are discounting the cost of the report for existing subscribers.

Ok onto the podcast schedule in the que and scheduled for release before the start of ADA are Phil Southerland from Team Novo Nordisk, John Sheridan Tandem Diabetes, Kevin Sayer Dexcom, Jeff Dachis OneDrop and Amy Tenderich DiabetesMine. But that’s only before the ADA after the ADA we have even more great podcasts coming your way.