Please Stop

Please Stop

Perhaps we’re just getting a little cranky in our old age but after 21 years in this wacky world you’d be cranky too. Yep that dead cat is swinging again as it seems every day we have another company entering the CGM market. It also appears that although single point to point glucose measurement is becoming a thing of past the quest to develop a non-invasive glucose monitor is alive and well. This has become so crazy we are seriously considering starting a new business which bets on when these companies fail.

Per a report on Brooksln Beta which we believe is a blog;

“A group from the University of Bath has designed an adhesive non-invasive patch that draws out glucose from fluid among cells across hair follicles that are separately authorized via a series of miniature sensors employing a tiny electric current.”

“A non-invasive (needle-less) way to calculate blood sugar has established to be a difficult objective to gain,” a professor from the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Richard Guy, claimed to the media in an interview. “The closest that has been attained has needed either the implantation of a pre-standardized sensor through an insertion of a single needle or at least a single-point standardization with a classic ‘finger-stick.’ The monitor designed at Bath pledges a truly standardization-free approach, a necessary contribution in the fight to battle the ever-rising worldwide occurrence of diabetes.”

Now before we go any further let’s give professor Guy credit for stating the obvious about how difficult it is to develop a truly non-invasive glucose monitor. Back in the day we used to say which weren’t sure what would come first the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series or seeing a real non-invasive glucose monitor that works. Well now that the Cubbies after 108 years have won the World Series perhaps we will see a non-invasive glucose monitor that works. Using the Cubs as an example that means this should happen sometime around 2088.

Next comes word from Socrates Health Solutions who in a press release stated;

“Announcing the results of validation tests completed in March 2018, Socrates Health Solutions, Inc, reports that recently completed tests on human subjects have confirmed functionality of the Socrates Noninvasive Blood Glucose Self-Monitoring Device across extended blood glucose levels.”

When checked the company’s web site we quickly noticed that Governor Tommy Thompson is on the Board of Directors. Which in turn brought back memories of Theranos another company that had an impressive Board of Directors yet seemed to have a little problem with the truth. But we digress and by no means are implying Socrates is being untruthful.

Although Socrates did say; “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” But again, we digress yet have a newfound respect for Socrates as that one quote alone shows he had a keen understanding of our wacky world.

We could go on as we are not kidding as everyone seems to have either a way cool whiz bang CGM under development or a non-invasive glucose monitor or the ultimate a way cool whiz bang non-invasive CGM. Now never mind that none of these companies are close to having anything real nor likely will. But you can take it to the bank they all are out raising money and doing what these companies do best; separating fools from their money.