Peanut Butter and Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly

To be honest we have no idea how many different combinations of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich there are. Back in the day when Momma Kliff was raising her four boys all we had was one kind of peanut butter and maybe three of four different flavors of jelly. Today there are hundreds of peanut butters, crispy, chunky, low-fat, no fat, etc. There is an equal number of jellies. Not being a math whiz, we have no idea how many possible combinations there are, but we do know a group who will find out.

This morning Novo Nordisk released the headline results from …. Wait for it …. Another …. Wait for it … study for the oral version of Semaglutide. Per a company issued release;

“Novo Nordisk today announced the headline results from PIONEER 8, a phase 3a trial with oral semaglutide for the treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes. Oral semaglutide is an investigational GLP-1 analogue taken once daily as a tablet. The 52-week trial investigated the efficacy and safety of 3, 7 and 14 mg oral semaglutide compared with placebo in 731 people with type 2 diabetes treated with insulin and an average duration of diabetes of 15 years. During the first 26-week treatment period, the total daily insulin dose was not allowed to be increased above baseline followed by a 26-week period where the insulin treatment was adjusted without restrictions.”

Given that Novo has decided to study this drug under every conceivable scenario rather than submit it to the FDA so that it can become the first oral GLP-1 on the market, a market which continues to grow making this a potential blockbuster drug, we have some ideas for even more studies.

It goes without saying they MUST study how the drug impacts ALL the possible combinations of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Next, we think it’s appropriate they study how the drug impacts White Sox versus Cub fans, and please none of this I’m a fan of both teams. This is like a New Yorker saying they like the Mets and the Yankees – make a damn choice, sorry we digressed.

What about studying how the drug impacts wine drinkers compared to beer drinkers, with follow on studies breaking it down by wine type – chardonnay cabernet etc. and beer type and brand – and we don’t care what these studies find we ain’t giving up our Miller Lite – sorry but that just ain’t happening, oops we digressed again.

Hey what about studying how the drug works with natural looks compared to shall we say surgically enhanced looks we could really embrace that study. In fact, we just might give all the tea in China to see the results of that study.

So, stay tuned folks as heavens knows when Novo will actually stop studying this drug and submit to the FDA. Never mind that the GLP-1 market continues to grow, and that Novo desperately needs this drug to be a hit. Never mind that it would be the ONLY oral GLP-1 on the market. Nope let’s do a few more studies and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that when it comes to our wacky world these companies could screw up something as simple as a white bread and American Cheese sandwich. Oops we forgot there are all sorts of white breads and even multiple versions of American cheese, damn. Well it looks like we’re doomed, and Novo will be as well if someone doesn’t light a fire under their ass and get this damn drug to the FDA.