Open mouth insert foot – Paula Deen speaks

Open mouth insert foot – Paula Deen speaks

As incredible as this sounds Paula Deen is now giving interviews and trying to explain to anyone who will listen why she’s not a fat hypocrite. Diabetic Investor found this latest interview on The Sweet Life -  Now Diabetic Investor doesn’t know much about this site other than it bills itself as “The source for the healthy diabetic”

Here are just a few of the juicy tidbits from the interview:

“Paula Deen is not the diabetes poster child,” said Ambre Morely, associate director of product communications at Novo Nordisk. “She’s an everyday person with type 2 diabetes who struggles with it and is learning about it.  She’s going to take the steps and make the changes to manage her diabetes. “

Really – Paula Deen, a celebrity chef, with a multi-million dollar cooking franchise is an everyday person with diabetes. Just asking but how many everyday persons does Novo pay to be a spokesperson?

When asked why it took her three years to before telling her “fans” about her diabetes, Ms. Deen stated – “Because I don’t harbor secrets, I knew that one day I would share it, but it had to be when I was ready.  I feel like when Novo Nordisk approached me, I was getting ready.”  Isn’t amazing how Ms. Deen’s need to share just so happened when Novo came calling with a big check in their hands. This also begs the question would she had come out of the diabetes closet had Novo not come along with a big fat check?

When asked about the negative reaction to her announcement, Ms Deen stated – “It seems to hurt people that I’m being compensated for my time.  And of course I am.  What they might not hear is that we’re giving a percentage of the money back to the American Diabetes Association and that the cornerstone of the campaign my boys and I are involved in, “Diabetes in a New Light” is lighter recipes that people can prepare for themselves where they don’t feel like they’ve been cheated. “

Notice how she does not mention how much of a donation is being made to the ADA nor does she mention the fact that she and her boys will be making money from these new lighter recipes. And while Diabetic Investor cannot speak for every person with diabetes we can state that we don’t feel cheated about the foods we chose to eat, it’s called practicing good diabetes management when you don’t go around eating cheeseburger and fries every day.

Did it scare you?

No.  I wasn’t scared of it.  I just knew that I was one of the baby boomers and for those of us who are lucky enough to have lived long enough there’s a good chance that you are going to have to deal with high sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, you know, it’s just part of living.  So, no, I wasn’t scared.  I was thankful as hell that I was 64-years-old, and it was just one of the things that was laid on me.”

Isn’t about time someone from Novo pulled this woman aside and told her there is very high correlation between obesity and diabetes. That diabetes is not something that is just laid on people especially fat hypocrites who are looking dumber with each word that falls out of their fat mouth.

“When I was diagnosed my doctor didn’t write me a prescription for the little blood sugar monitor, but I do go to the doctor and have the blood work done that gives me the three month average of what my blood sugar is.  It’s always been under control and in line.  Although I did go back and ask for a machine.

Are you using it?

When I can find it.  If you knew how many people were in my house every day moving my crap around.”

Diabetic Investor isn’t quite sure if she thinks she’s being cute when she says “little blood sugar monitor” or if she’s angling for another endorsement from a blood glucose monitoring company. You can bet the ranch if she had such a deal she would call it a glucose monitor and that the three month average is called A1c.  And what message does it send to patients when she states that she monitors her sugars when she can find her little thing.

Some may believe Diabetic Investor is being overly harsh on Ms. Deen and that she’s really no different than any adult who’s been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The fact is Ms. Deen is different because she’s a celebrity, and in today’s celebrity obsessed society people seem to value what these celebrities say and do – even fat, hypocrites like Paula Deen. Honestly there is reason Novo hired her as a spokesperson so let’s not be naïve and pretend that she’s sort of ordinary person.

Diabetic Investor has no problem with Ms. Deen getting paid or making money from the fact she has diabetes. We have a real problem that she hide this fact until someone came along and paid her enough money so that she would come out of the diabetes closet.  Yet after reading several of the interviews she has done we’re also beginning to believe that besides being a fat, hypocrite she’s dumber than a box of rocks. At first we thought maybe she was trying to be cute or was looking for more endorsement deals but given the stupidity that falls out of her mouth, we’re beginning to believe she’s just plain stupid.