Only Two Days Remaining

Only Two Days Remaining

We are quickly approaching the final deadline to place your order for Diabetic Investor’s Special Reports. Due to heavy demand we must finalize our order list by the end of this week. The Devices and Delivery Systems Report is set for publication on June 2nd, 2006, as an added bonus we have decided to add a supplement to Devices and Delivery Systems Report which will be published after the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Show which ends on June 14th, 2006.

Our Therapies Report publication date is set for October 20th, however due to strong demand we may accelerate the publication date. When ordering your reports PLEASE indicate if you would prefer to receive this report BEFORE October 20th. We certainly understand the interest in this report and are seeking input from subscribers to determine the earliest possible date for publication.

Several subscribers have asked how this years reports will differ from last years ground breaking report on the insulin pump market. As well received as the Insulin Pump Report was, many readers asked for more detailed information on the entire devices and delivery systems market. Given the convergence of the insulin pump, blood glucose monitoring and alternate insulin delivery systems markets we certainly understand subscribers requests.

It’s important to note that both reports will provide subscribers with actionable information. Diabetic Investor is the only publication that focuses exclusively on the business of diabetes. Diabetic Investor bridges the gap between the investment, research and patient communities. No other publication provides this unique perspective.

Since the publication of our Insulin Pump report, the diabetes market has undergone several significant changes:

– – JNJ bought insulin pump maker Animas
– – Medtronic received approval for their sensor augmented insulin pump
– – Two continuous glucose monitoring systems have been approved by the FDA and a third is on its way
– – Home Diagnostics is set to become a publicly traded company
– – The OmniPod Insulin Management is now on the market
– – Exubera is set to be launched
– – Byetta is changing the treatment paradigm for type 2 diabetes
– – Symlin is gaining momentum and has the potential to change both the type 1 and type 2 markets
– – Novo Nordisk has reinitiated their inhaled insulin project and interest in MannKind is rising
– – Lantus, the world’s number one selling insulin, now has competition
– – PolyMedica has begun distributing blood glucose meters from AgaMatrix
– – Roche, LifeScan and Abbott have all introduced new meters and have also experienced product recalls

As you can see the diabetes market is changing rapidly. As well as Diabetic Investor has covered these events our special reports will add more in-depth insight into several compelling questions.

Ø Ø How will the continuous monitoring systems (CGM) change the market for conventional blood glucose monitoring?
Ø Ø What is the HIDDEN market for CGM systems?
Ø Ø Will third party payors provide reimbursement for CGMs?
Ø Ø Who holds the key to blood glucose monitoring (BGM) in the type 2 market?
Ø Ø What is the future of the insulin pump market?
Ø Ø Are we approaching the point where physicians and patients have too many treatment options?
Ø Ø Is it possible for patients to over-manage their diabetes?
Ø Ø Which companies have the compelling marketable technologies that can change the competitive landscape?
Ø Ø With healthcare costs continuing their dramatic rise, how will third party payors impact the future of the market?
Ø Ø As diabetes becomes a focus disease what deals are likely coming?
Ø Ø Which companies are set to enter the market and why they change the balance of power?
Ø Ø Will government policies force a change in how products are priced?

Our answers to these questions and more are likely to provide some very interesting surprises. The fact of the matter is diabetes is quickly taking center stage as the disease state to be in. Who better to analyze these paradigm shifting changes then Diabetic Investor. Since 1998 Diabetic Investor has provided our subscribers with valuable and useful information BEFORE anyone else. Diabetic Investor is the only publication that has provided accurate, ground breaking news FIRST on a consistent basis.

Don’t risk being left behind your competitors. The diabetes market is changing before your very eyes don’t risk waiting for events to unfold. Our special reports will bring the future into the present allowing you to plan ahead.

As valuable as this information Diabetic Investor is not unsympathetic to your budgetary concerns. As a current subscriber to Diabetic Investor we’d like to help out, so we have two ways you can save off the list price of $11,500 for both reports. Orders received by May 16th, 2006 are entitled to our Friends of the Program 10% discount. As an added bonus any orders PAID by May 26th, 2006 will receive and additional 10% Early Payment Discount. THAT’S RIGHT ORDERS RECEIVED BY MAY 16TH, 2006 AND PAID FOR BY MAY 26TH, 2006 WILL SAVE 20% OFF THE LIST PRICE.

Interested in just one of the reports, no problem THE SAME DISCOUNTS APPLY. Before discounts single reports would be $5,750, with all applicable discounts your investment is just $4,600.

Placing your order is easy:

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3. 3. Fax the attached order form to 847-634-4646

As Simone De Beauvoir, the noted French existentialist novelist said “Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”

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