Nuts to that

Nuts to that

There is a reason we like to enjoy our summer here in Chicago and not just because the weather is great. A big reason is that summer time is traditionally time for vacations or in our case doing triathlon’s. But another reason we like summer is that it brings out the wacky in our world.

Just today we learned that JNJ has sold Calibra to CeQur which is kind of interesting in that CeQur already has its own dumb patch pump. We won’t get into our normal rant as to how there really isn’t a place for these dumb patch pumps. Let’s just say good luck to CeQur and leave it at that.

Perhaps bigger news is a study that concludes eating walnuts may reduce the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes. No this is not a joke (although we wish it was) and yes someone spent good money to find out this very useless fact. Shockingly this study was supported by the California Walnut Commission and just might be the reason why so many call California the land of fruit and nuts.

Personally, we would have preferred a study that looked at the impact raisins have on diabetes as we sure do miss those dancing raisins featured in TV commercials for California Raisins, but we digress.

In a couple of weeks in Baltimore the diabetes world will gather once again for the annual AADE conference. We can just imagine all these great educators being captivated by the fact they now should be telling their patients to snarf down walnuts every day. Never mind checking glucose levels or taking meds walnuts is the ticket to good diabetes management.

But wait there’s more according to a story in the Winston-Salem Journal;

“An $8 million federal health grant has been provided to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for a lifestyle study for individuals who have Type 2 diabetes.

The study will focus on cognitive decline and impairment in older adults with Type 2 diabetes who also are overweight or obese.”

Ok we could almost say we know what this study will conclude even before it’s done. That this is a huge waste of taxpayer’s money but what the heck have it. And be sure to thank whoever represents you in Congress as they are doing what politicians are supposed to do; bringing home the bacon. Yes, pork is alive and well.

We can only imagine what useless study will come along next but since everyone seems intent on wasting money we do have a couple of suggestions;

1. Compare the difference between Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut to Domaine Carneros Le Reve Blanc de Blancs on patients with diabetes.

2. Or what about the impact O’Shaughnessy wines has on people with diabetes.

3. Will Miller Lite reduce the prevalence of diabetes more so than all these craft beers?

4. For our sophisticated friends let’s study the impact bourdon has on diabetes.

5. Oh, what the heck let’s go off the reservation and examine the impact Grey Goose Cosmopolitans (light pink please, very light) has on diabetes.

We along with our outstandingly great wine consultant have graciously offered to participate and lead these study’s. Yes, we will tough it out and do our best to bring the world this critical information. Heck we will even travel to Napa if need be to participate in these studies. All we ask is that someone else pay and frankly that shouldn’t be a problem. California has lots of commissions plus lots of politicians who will happily get some local university a multi-million grant to fund one or more of these studies.

The goal here is simple find a happy place for each and every person with diabetes. So, let’s have it.