Not exactly a great launch

Not exactly a great launch

Just a few weeks ago LifeScan launch their latest glucose monitor the OneTouch® Verio™, which according to the company would usher in a new era of glucose monitoring for patients using insulin. Unfortunately today the company announced they were voluntarily recalling the monitor due to what the company is calling a “software issue.”

According to a letter dated today and being sent to Verio customers; “We have recently determined that the OneTouch® Verio™IQ Meter, under very specific circumstances, produces an error that causes the meter to turn itself off when a user attempts to access the “Results Log” to view stored test results. If this occurs, when the product is turned back on, the meter enters the “set up” mode and requires the user to confirm the date and time settings before being able to test again.

Fortunately, this issue has no effect on the accuracy of test results or functions such as onscreen pattern notifications, averages, result tagging, or downloading — and no data is lost.

However, if the user does not confirm all settings, testing is not possible. Therefore, treatment may be delayed or a treatment decision may be made in the absence of a glucose result. Without testing, patients may experience high or low blood sugar.

Therefore, we have decided to offer all OneTouch® Verio™IQ Meter users a replacement product at no charge. You can continue to use your current meter until a replacement meter is available.

Should your meter unexpectedly turn itself off when attempting to view the “Results Log,” please see the enclosed instructions to learn how to quickly confirm the date and time settings so that you can continue testing.”

This is not the first time the company has run into an issue with the Verio which was also recalled when the product launched initially overseas, a recall which ended up delaying the launch here in the US. Apparently a problem which was supposed to be corrected was not and thus yet another recall.

Diabetic Investor does not believe this particular recall will adversely impact the company’s sales nor do we believe it will provide any leverage for their competition. The facts of the matter are LifeScan sales have run into some resistance recently and even had the Verio had no issues we did not believe it would have a material impact on market share.

Perhaps the bigger issue here is a lesson which needs to be learned by everyone who sees this type of whiz bang technology as the answer to better diabetes management. A lesson which is no matter how attractive a technology looks on paper, it becomes worthless if it doesn’t function as intend or isn’t used as designed. We know it’s difficult for many in the diabetes device world to believe this but it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the patient world when a company can’t get a simple device like a glucose monitor to work properly. Strange as it may seem to these people, patients prefer systems that are not just simple to operate but actually work when they are supposed to.