Not a Merry Christmas

Not a Merry Christmas

It’s been a few days since we heard from our wine drinking friends employed at that soap opera known as Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) something we believed was related to the fact that not much was going on in Paris or Bridgewater.  As turns the sales team which has been publicly ripped by the acting, soon to be full-time, CEO Serge Weinberg is at odds with each other over the value of Afrezza®.

It seems as though the sales team assigned to Afrezza has divided itself into one of two camps; those who believe Afrezza is the greatest thing since the invention of insulin or those who know without solid formulary coverage this drug which has several issues to start with, doesn’t stand a chance.  What’s amazing about this internal dissention is even those who say they believe in Afrezza are doing so more out of hope rather than actual belief, not exactly a good sign.

One thing that unites this dysfunctional group is the belief that management is absolutely clueless, has no idea what they are doing, has no clear strategy and really doesn’t understand just how difficult it will be to sell Afrezza. In other words not much has changed at Sanofi.

Honestly we can’t decide what’s worse, what’s going on at Sanofi or what’s going on with the Chicago Bears. Both organizations seem to be completely out of touch with reality, neither appears willing to tackle the real issues which they are facing and both continue to hold onto the belief that everything really isn’t that bad and things will be just fine even though neither organization has a clear strategy nor do they hold those in charge accountable for their actions.

Yesterday suffering Bears fans learned their type 1 quarterback, the highest paid player in the NFL this year, who hopefully is managing his diabetes better than he’s playing quarterback will be benched for the remaining two games of the season. This after the team’s offensive coordinator was found to be the source of a NFL Network report which stated that the Bears we’re having buyer’s remorse signing Jay Cutler to multi-year huge contract. Having made the mistake of telling the truth he later issued a tearful apology to the team. Who said there was no crying in football?

Meanwhile the head coach continues to say the team needs to play better and that he’s got to do a better job. Really ya think?

While not privy to what’s going on internally at Sanofi we’d venture to guess that they are corporate equivalent of the Chicago Bears. That they are having their own buyer’s remorse over their partnership with MannKind (NASDAQ:MNKD). They are having their own problems with employees telling the truth as they now face a whistleblower lawsuit over an alleged illegal kick-back scheme involving their diabetes unit. Like the Bears, management is out of touch with reality and isn’t holding anyone accountable.

The biggest difference between these two dysfunctional organizations is at least the CEO of the Bears has yet to open his mouth and firmly insert his foot. Other than that Sanofi and the Bears sadly to say are both using the same playbook, a playbook filed with plays that don’t work.

The hope for both organizations is ownership will finally wake up and make wholesales changes not just with management but how these organizations are being run. That they will stop drinking the kool aid, see things for the way they really are and implement strategies that deal with the problems they are facing. Most importantly they must hold this new team accountable.

As a life-long Bears fan Diabetic Investor continues to hold out hope, however as an observer of this wacky world we aren’t holding much hope for Sanofi. Serge Weinberg is not the answer, Afrezza is not the answer nor is Toujeo.

Sadly for the fans of the beloved Chicago Bears, the stakeholders and employees at Sanofi this won’t be a Merry Christmas. Bah Humbug!