No Shame

No Shame

Well it looks like Livongo isn’t the only diabetes company using the current crisis to inflate the value of their shares, check this out;

“Nemaura Medical (NSDQ:NMRD) announced today that it is planning to immediately repurpose its SugarBeat continuous glucose monitor (CGM) as a continuous temperature monitor (CTM) to help diagnose fevers in potential cases of COVID-19.”

You can read the entire story at

Before we go on we must admit we are disappointed that the normally well-respected Drug Delivery Business web site is giving these clowns undeserved publicity. We understand that many of these web sites and their reporters are not as intimately familiar with the wacky world of diabetes as we are. We also understand that many have not experienced the shenanigans that go on in our wacky world or the many companies like Nemaura who have nothing but the ability to send out press releases and shameless attempt to enrich themselves.

We should further note that besides shamelessly using this crisis to promote their worthless non-FDA approved toy they have something else in common with Livongo as check out this email we received from the company just this morning;

Nemaura Medical Inc.,

In relation to your article: An Apple a day

We have noted its defamatory and entirely factually incorrect content.

Further correspondence on this matter is to follow from Company’s legal counsel.

Now we’ll admit that we are looking forward to an enlightened discussion with the company and will be delighted to engage in an intelligent conversation. But just in case we’d like to remind the good people at Nemaura and their crackerjack box team of lawyers that we are from Chicago and have been known to bring a gun to a knife fight. Just a friendly reminder of what we mentioned the other day as yes, we are HUGE fans of the Chicago Way.

Perhaps the good folk at Nemaura instead of wasting their money on paying their lawyers would be interested in a duel. Therefore we’ll make them the safe offer we made to Livongo. They get to bring their facts, if they have any and we get to bring ours. If that’s unacceptable we are open minded to other options or as Otter said in the classic hilarious comedy Animal House;

“We gotta take these b*****ds. Now, we could fight ‘em with conventional weapons. That could take years and cost millions of lives. Oh, no. No, in this case, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

Finally we’d be equally delighted to share with the good people at Nemaura Glen Tullman’s email address so they can contribute to Glen’s latest venture the Let’s shut up Diabetic Investor fund.

Have a nice day everyone and stay safe.