The moon landing, the internet, the ….

The moon landing, the internet, the ….

Ok maybe we’re just a bite jaded but why is it that we see the JDRF taking credit for Anthem decision to cover the 670g as another example of this organization taking credit when they don’t deserve it. Why is it we think that maybe just maybe the folks at Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) had something to do with this. Like maybe Medtronic made a deal with Anthem like maybe better pricing and this was the reason why Anthem changed their position.

Now let’s be honest here Medtronic will happily give JDRF all the credit, they really don’t care if this credit is undeserved. For at the end of the day Medtronic got what they wanted.

The irony here is the JDRF is the same organization that is supposedly standing up for patient choice when it comes to insulin pumps. Who back in October stated;

“JDRF is extremely concerned that Animas Corporation will be closing operations and ending the sale of its insulin pumps, as it means fewer treatment options for people with type 1 diabetes. Pump choice is critical, and people with type 1 diabetes need the ability to choose the devices that work best for them. Innovation and competition are essential to the development of next-generation therapies, and until there’s a cure, JDRF will continue to drive efforts that will improve health outcomes for people facing the daily burdens and dangers of this disease.”

Ok let’s see if we’ve got this straight the JDRF wants more choices when it comes to insulin pumps but then helps the market leader get coverage, so they can get even bigger which will only make it tougher on the remaining insulin pump companies to stay in business.

Listen we are happy Anthem made the change which we took as a given since their reasoning for not covering the 670g was indefensible. As we noted this was all about … wait for it …. MONEY. Anthem wanted better terms from Medtronic, they didn’t have much leverage to get better pricing and used the one piece of leverage they had. Seriously to believe this change was made for any other reason is just ludicrous.

Honestly, we can’t wait to see what the JDRF takes credit for next, perhaps the moon landing, maybe the invention of the internet, soft soap, sliced bread, etc. Frankly nothing shocks us anymore which when you think about it is sad. No to us this is just another example of the hypocrisy that is endemic in the diabetes world these days.