Mom is very understanding

Mom is very understanding

Yesterday we mentioned that Momma Kliff was an angle which prompted Mom to ask hey kid just what the (blank) is an angle. It goes without saying that what we meant to say is that Mom is an ANGEL not angle. Given that this is not the first nor likely the last time our spellchecker goes haywire, something we have become somewhat known for, we want to thank the many who stuck up for Momma Kliff who in her own way is becoming quite popular.

Now that we got the Jewish guilt out of the way, something Mom was very good at, a few more thoughts on the Sanofi (NYSE: SNY), OneDrop, Common Sensing Innovation Health hook up. A hook up that not many in this wacky world understand just based on the reaction our post received yesterday. That is after I got scolded for disrespecting Mom, like I said Mom has lots of fans.

The goal as we noted with Common Sensing and One Drop involved is simple, help insulin dosing patients more effectively dose Sanofi insulin. Which when you think of it is the same goal as every other interconnected diabetes management (IDM) system. A goal that would have been easier to accomplish had someone had the common sense to use a CGM instead of a conventional point to point fingerstick meter.

Listen this has nothing to do with OneDrop as it is a very fine meter and by golly it sure is way cool. This has to do with what’s best for the patient. What our friends in Paris can’t seem to understand is that patients want less interaction with their diabetes management and not more. That it is easier to slap on a sensor than it is to stick yourself three or more times each day. This is not about pain this is about simplicity and as we have noted in the past CGM is simpler than BGM.

Yet what’s truly astonishing here is that Sanofi invested $250 million with Verily to create Onduo, which according to a press release when the partnership was announced back in 2016 stated;

“Onduo’s mission is to help people with diabetes live full, healthy lives by developing comprehensive solutions that combine devices, software, medicine, and professional care to enable simple and intelligent disease management.”

Verily also happens to be partnered with Dexcom (NASDAQ: DXCM) who just so happens is the leader when it comes to CGM. And wouldn’t you know it that this partnership is working on a slap it on turn it on sensor that delivers readings to a patient’s smartphone.

So, it would seem to make sense that since Sanofi invested $250 in Onduo and since Verily also has a deal with Dexcom that maybe it would be good idea to use the Dexcom sensor instead of the way cool OneDrop conventional meter. Again, this is nothing against OneDrop but everyone knows that CGM provides better data and this data is vital when advising patients on insulin dosing decisions.

To be even clearer here the reason Common Sensing is part of this group has nothing to do with their technology, Sanofi is one of the original investors in Common Sensing. Now we do not know how much Sanofi owns of Common Sensing but what we do know and we can’t believe we are about to write this so we would recommend sitting down, they are SMART enough to protect their investment. Yes, I just used Sanofi and smart in the same sentence.

Want more clarity according to the press release from Innovation it states;

“Innovation Health provides health benefit plans to more than 200,000 members.”

What this means is that deal is basically a test market or the perfect setting to see if Sanofi can help patients more effectively dose insulin. Or to be blunt the perfect setting for Onduo to test their mission.

Listen we may not have the greatest spelling skills but we ain’t dense either. The fact is things aren’t going at that well between Sanofi and Verily, that these “partners” aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye. Sanofi knows that Verily is in control yet they have invested $250 million and they want to see something, anything for that money. Verily for their part can take their time while the Dexcom partnerships yields the slap it on turn it on sensor which just so happens is targeted at patients with Type 2 diabetes many of whom that also use insulin.

What’s even crazier here is that this deal between Sanofi, OneDrop, Common Sensing and Innovation will take time to materialize or put another way it’s not like the system they are developing will be here anytime soon. Based on the public statements made by Dexcom the slap it on turn it on sensor isn’t that far away so it would seem to make sense that this sensor would be the perfect fit not just from a technology perspective but also a timing perspective.

So, if the goal is to help patients more effectively dose insulin and there are all these connections between Sanofi and Verily why OneDrop over Dexcom. Now some may say that OneDrop is involved because they have some experience in patient coaching that its not the meter that matters but their patient connectivity platform that counts. But as we have noted many times this platform is easily replicated and let’s be honest with $500 million invested in Onduo it’s not like they don’t have the money to build one.

At the end of the day this comes down to who’s done a better job of protecting their interests and from our perspective this is one-time Sanofi got the better of Verily. This may not matter much given that Sanofi has a less than impressive track record when it comes to any diabetes partnership but still it does make us question what the future is for Onduo.

So, to all who stood up for Momma Kliff, thank you very much she does appreciate your support. Yes, she is an angel even though her son is sometimes not the brightest blub on the tree.